6 Best Apple Laptops

So, you want an Apple laptop but don’t know which one to get. They are currently selling a variety of different models, making it hard to decide which is the best Apple laptop for you. Currently, they have the 2015 and 2016 models of the 12-inch MacBook, 13-inch MacBook Air, 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro. Each have their own functions and varied specs, so it is important for you to take careful consideration when choosing which one you want to buy.

What Is the Best MacBook?

It is the one that suits your needs and wants. You have to ask yourself a couple of questions: how much are you willing to spend on the MacBook? What is the main job your MacBook will be performing? Do you have any specific work needs or functions? Are you going to be using your MacBook for gaming? What kind of model do you prefer? Would you benefit from some of the newest features like the Touch Pad and Touch ID? Do you even want a MacBook? There are many great laptops out there to choose from best laptops overoll.

What You Need to Know: The Specs

You may or may not know what exactly makes up each Apple MacBook. It’s important to at least know the basics so that you can match the MacBook model specifically to your needs or your budget.

The MacBook series have different specs for display. They have standard definition displays but they are most popular for their Retina Display which the MacBook and MacBook Pro have. The latest MacBook Pro models have DCI-P3 wide gamut display. You have to determine what size and quality of display you want and need. If the display is a priority, then the MacBook Air would be immediately crossed off your list, as it does not have Retina Display.

If you’re the type of person who needs external displays for an at-home workstation, gaming or for video editing and graphics design, you must look at which MacBook supports the best external display features for you. Some models can only handle one external display while others can handle multiple at up to 5k display.

What type of CPU do you prefer? Smaller and more power-efficient CPUs can handle less but can run for longer.

Larger, more powerful CPUs tend to be noisier but will allow you to seamlessly do multiple things at one time.

If you’re into gaming, you do high definition video editing or graphic design, the GPU may be important to you. The more powerful it is, the better animations will be and video editing and gaming will function much smoother.

RAM and memory are important for any laptop. The RAM determines how many apps you can have open while still functioning seamlessly or how large your video or graphics editing projects can be. It’s what keeps the laptop performing fast. Memory is the storage of the laptop. The MacBooks use SSD which is faster and more efficient, but also more expensive.

Are you going to need a lot of ports? Most of the MacBooks are designs to be very thin and light, so if ports are important to you, choose carefully. What type of keyboard do you prefer? Do you like a keyboard with good travel, or do you like the feel of a flatter keyboard?

Touch Bar and Touch ID are the new features that Apple is now integrating into their laptops. The newest MacBook models feature a Touch Bar above the keyboard and OLED with a matte finish. This Touch Bar replaces the old Esc, function keys and media keys that are on the top row of all laptops. The Touch Bar can also be configured to display specific shortcuts for whatever app you are using. Touch ID, which was once just on the iPhone, is now integrated into the Touch Bar.

Apple MacBook Pro 13-Inch MF839LL/A

MacBook Pro for Photographers, Graphic Design, Home Use

This MacBook Pro is a 2015 model that features a 13.3-inch LED-backlit retina display with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels. This makes it a desirable laptop for those seeking good quality graphics. It runs on a 2.7 GHz, dual-core Intel Core i5 Broadwell Processor with a turbo boost of up to 3.1 GHz. It has 8GB of RAM and 128GB of PCle-based flash storage SSD. The graphics processor is an integrated Intel Iris Graphics 6100.

This MacBook has a force touch trackpad and thunderbolt connectivity. It has two USB 3 ports, two thunderbolt 2 ports, an HDMI port, an audio in/out port and an SDXC card slot. It’s got 10 hours of wireless web browsing and 12 hours of iTunes movie playback.

This laptop would best suit all-around personal and business uses such as word processing, streaming music and video, web browsing, simple graphics design and video editing.


  • Good battery life
  • Fast
  • Well-built/good construction
  • Great display
  • Reliable performance
  • Satisfactory storage
  • Generous amount of ports

  • Heavy

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Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch MLL42B/A

MacBook Pro for Graphic Design, Business Use

This is a 2016 model of the MacBook Pro and the specs are very similar to the 2015 model. featuring an LED-backlit retina display with 500 nits of brightness and wide color (P3) with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels. This laptop runs on a sixth-generation 2.0 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 that has a turbo boost of up to 3.1 GHz.

It has an Intel Iris Graphics 540 processor, 16GB RAM and 256GB of SDD storage. This MacBook is 14.9mm thin as opposed to the 2015 model which is 18mm thin. It weighs about 1.4kg. This MacBook has a backlit keyboard, dual mics and stereo speakers. The touchpad is larger and it has only 2 Thunderbolt (USB C) ports. This particular newer model does not feature the Touch Bar.

This is a faster, thinner and lighter version of the 2015 MacBook Pro. It’s got better storage and improved speakers. For anyone who needs a MacBook for personal and business use such as light gaming, video and graphics editing, web-browsing and video/music streaming, this is great.


  • Larger
  • Lots of storage
  • Impressive speakers
  • Bright and colorful display
  • Better tactile feedback on keyboard

  • Lack of ports (only has 2 Thunderbolt ports, nothing else)
  • No touch bar despite being a new model
  • Less travel on keyboard
  • No SD card slot

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Apple MacBook Air 13-inch MMGG2LL/A

The Best MacBook for College Students

This is the 2015 MacBook Air, featuring an LED-backlit glossy widescreen display with 1440 x 900s resolution. The MacBook Air series does not have a retina display, so for people who value or need a great quality display, the MacBook Air might not be for you. This runs on a 1.6 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 that has a turbo boost of up to 2.7 GHz.

8GB RAM and 265GB of PCle-based flash storage helps make this ultra portable and light, as it was designed to be.
It’s got an Intel HD Graphics 6000 processor and the keyboard is back-lit. The trackpad is multi-touch on a large, smooth, all-glass surface. Battery life will last you all day with an average of 12 hours for web browsing and for iTunes movie playback. The MacBook Air’s standby mode enables you to come back as far as an entire month later with it being able to turn on instantly.

This MacBook would be best suited for general, basic tasks such as web browsing, creating documents, presentations, word processing, and most tasks besides video editing and gaming. This makes it the perfect laptop for college students #bestlaptopforcollege as it has a lot of space, has great performance for multitasking and has a suitable amount of ports.


  • Easy to use
  • Impressive battery life
  • Large storage
  • Great performance
  • Good amount of ports

  • Not good for gaming
  • Not suitable for video editing
  • No DVD drive

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Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch MLW82LL/A

The Best MacBook For Video Editing, Light Gaming, Music Production, etc.

This is a 2016 MacBook Pro that features the iconic OLED Touch Bar, a glass, a touch-responsive bar that replaces the traditional function key row at the top of a laptop’s keyboard. This MacBook has an LED-backlit retina display with a resolution of 2880 x 1800 pixels. It runs on a 2.7 GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 with a turbo boost of up to 3.6 GHz. It has 16GB RAM and the SDD storage is 512GB which is a huge amount of storage.

It features four thunderbolt ports but no SD card slot or traditional USB ports. The graphics processor is an AMD Radeon Pro 455 and it also has DCI-P3 wide gamut display. The battery life is also pretty impressive, lasting up to 10 hours on continuous web surfing.

With its incredible performance and great graphics, this is the best MacBook for video editing, music production, and light gaming. This is also the best laptop to choose if you want to add external displays.


  • Innovative touch bar
  • Extremely high performance and speed
  • Responsive keyboard

  • Ports are too minimalist (only has Thunderbolt ports)
  • Fairly expensive

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Apple MacBook 12-inch MLH72B/A

The Ultralight MacBook for Students on the go

This is a 2016 model of the MacBook. It is extremely light and thin, weighing less than a kilogram. It’s got an edge-to-edge glass retina display with IPS technology, a 178 viewing angle and a resolution of 2304 x 1440 pixels.

The processor is a sixth-generation Intel Core m3 of 1.1 GHz that can turbo boost up to 2.2 GHz with 8GB RAM and 256GB PCle-based flash storage SSD. The graphics processor is an Intel HD Graphics 515.

This MacBook has a force touch trackpad and a battery life of up to 11 hours. While it is very thin and light and has good battery life and performance, it only has 1 thunderbolt port and nothing else. The keyboard has no travel and is very shallow.

This would be another MacBook for students because of its ultra-portability and thin design and good overall performance.


  • Extremely thin and light
  • Great quality display
  • Great battery life
  • Responsive trackpad

  • No travel on keyboard, too shallow
  • Too minimal (1 thunderbolt port)

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Apple MacBook Air 11-Inch MJVM2LL/A

The Best MacBook for the Money

As with all MacBook Air’s, there is no retina display. This MacBook Air has an LED-backlit glossy widescreen display with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. It runs on a 1.6 GHz Intel Core i5 with 4GB RAM and 128GB of PCle-based flash SDD storage. It has a 6-hour battery life and surprisingly more ports than a 12-inch MacBook.

While this doesn’t have the best display out of all the MacBooks or the best storage, for the price you pay, it has more than enough features for the average person and performance that will satisfy.

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Those were the six best MacBook laptops that Apple currently has to offer. Each suit to different lifestyles, work needs, and personal needs.

For people on a budget and just need a computer with adequate ports, good performance and don’t bother with flashy, high-tech displays would be best suited to go for the MacBook Air. They are extremely light and portable and perfect for everyday use with long battery life.

For people who do care a bit more about their screen display, who also want great performance and need to do things such as video editing or simple graphics design and maybe even want to do some light gaming, the MacBook is great.

Especially for college students studying graphic design, the MacBook has enough space, performance, and portability to be able to perform tasks and carry around campus.

For a higher price, those who want the best performance and the ability to do things such as video production and music production and editing would be best suited to choose the MacBook Pro. Specifically the 2016 model. For its price, it provides incredible performance and graphics and smooth sailing while multitasking.

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