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The Best Earbuds Under $50 in 2023

best earbuds under 50 dollars

There is no doubt that good earbuds are priceless especially if you’re going to spend the next hour or more somewhere in the queue or walking around the city. Still, being a tiny thing earbuds can be easily lost or damaged. This fact often makes you think whether it’s worth buying a pricey product.

And here comes another question – can budget earbuds have high quality? Of course, there’s no sense to compare products of different classes as the difference is quite obvious but you can always find reliable cheap earbuds offered on today’s market using our list of the best earbuds under $50.

How to Choose the Best Earbuds Under $50

Any budget product can’t be of the highest quality – that’s a kind of postulate. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s a complete disaster. In fact, if you follow certain rules when selecting budget earbuds you have a chance to buy something really worthy.


The first thing, you have to do before purchasing any product is to ask yourself a question – what do you need it for? And earbuds aren’t an exception. Are you going to use your new headphones in the gym? Then choose something with a perfect fit. Your smartphone doesn’t have a special jack for wired headphones? Have a look at the earbuds with Bluetooth connectivity. You should know exactly what stuff you want to buy as this will simplify the purchasing process.

Wired or Wireless?

In case you are going to buy wireless earbuds then you have to take into account several points. Firstly, it is Bluetooth connectivity. Make sure it is updated enough to support your device. Secondly, check whether battery life is long-lasting enough. And finally, remember to check the weight. Though it seems to be just a small nuance but it can put you out of temper.

As to the wired earbuds, the main thing here is to check whether there’s a tangle-free cable that will definitely make your life easier. Besides, don’t forget to check its length.


Not all budget earbuds have a balanced sound. Some of them can boast of deep bass while others have clear highs. In this case, choose what you like or need most of all.

Noise cancelation

Some earbuds have a great option of noise cancelation. It doesn’t allow various external factors like noises in the street or radio to disturb you when listening to your favorite music. So if you are looking for noise-cancelling earbuds pay attention to this feature.

Build Quality

Check what materials your earbuds are made of and whether they are water or sweat-resistant. Some of the headphones have a universal weather sealing.


Earbuds are like jeans – make sure they are convenient in use and they won’t get pulled out of your ears every time you want to make some movements. Besides, check how many remote buttons (as well as their size) your earbuds have.

Best Earbuds Under $50

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Skullcandy Sesh Evo

Decent Audio at a Reasonable Price

skullcandy sesh evo

Skullcandy Sesh Evo is an affordable, yet very good earbud set that brings a handful of features, and more importantly, offers a very good sound experience. It is available in multiple color combinations that involve blue, bleached blue, chill gray, deep red, pure mint, and true black, and it offers everything that a mainstream user might need.

To be exact, there is Bluetooth connectivity, as well as noise isolation, and comfortable use. In addition, there are also numerous protective features, such as IP55 water resistance rating, as well as dust-proof characteristics.

Skullcandy Sesh Evo earbuds are fitted with 6mm drivers that provide a frequency range between 20Hz and 20kHz, as well as 32-ohm impedance.

More importantly, Skullcandy Sesh Evo supports rapid charge and brings a solid five-hour battery life that can be extended by additional 19 hours with the help of the compact charging case, included in the package. Moreover, these earbuds come with three EQ modes (Music, Movie, and Podcast), media controls and, as mentioned earlier, pretty solid audio reproduction, with crisp heights and strong bass.

In other words, if you are after the best reasonably priced earbuds, Skullcandy Sesh Evo is the thing for you.

  • Reasonably priced
  • Comfortable
  • Three EQ modes
  • Very good audio
  • Strong bass
  • Not the best audio accuracy

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Sennheiser CX 300S

Versatile & Easy to Wear

sennheiser cx 300s
It’s not every day when you find Sennheiser earbuds at such a reasonable price! The CX 300S may be an entry-level product, but they feature the signature Sennheiser sound, with detailed notes and a well-balanced representation of lows, mids, and highs.

Furthermore, due to the special ear adapters, available in four sizes, the earbuds isolate you from the outside noises. This creates a barrier that lets you enjoy your favorite tunes, even on a busy bus or plane.

The CX 300S are wired and come with a built-in one-button smart remote that lets users pause music and take calls. Due to the 18-ohm transducers, these earbuds can be used with a wide array of devices from smartphones, to tablets and computers.

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Signature Sennheiser sound
  • Wired design
  • One-button smart remote
  • Earbuds in different sizes
  • Isolates ambient noise
  • A little heavy on the bass
  • Noise isolation could be better

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MEE audio M6 PRO

Perfect for the Road

mee audio m6 pro
If you’re looking for a pair of earbuds that are lightweight and durable but also deliver high-quality sound, the M6 Pro monitors may be a perfect choice!

These come with detachable and replaceable cables, which means they’re almost indestructible, and sweat-resistant design. So, you can enjoy them at the gym, outdoors, or on the commute. Furthermore, due to the flexible ear hooks with memory wire, they fit just right in your ears.

And, if you want some privacy, you have six sets of silicone eartips and one set of Comply T-Series memory foam eartips that reduce outside noise. It’s only a matter of finding the right size for your ears! You also get a built-in remote and microphone so that you can use the earbuds as a hands-free device and take calls without having to fumble with the phone.

  • Accurate and detailed sound
  • Durable design
  • Detachable and removable wires
  • In-wire remote control
  • Good outside noise isolation
  • Perfect for traveling
  • Sweat-resistant
  • Fantastic value for the price
  • The detachable cable is a bit rigid
  • The sound is a bit bright

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Sony WI-XB400

Solid, Budget-Friendly, Everyday Earbuds

sony wi-xb400

If you are seeking cheap, yet pretty solid earbuds from a familiar brand, Sony WI-XB400 earbuds are the device for you. These earbuds offer a solid audio reproduction and a good-enough collection of features, to provide a decent, well-balanced sound, with punchy bass, liked by the majority of users.

Equally importantly, these earbuds provide a solid battery life that is around 15 hours according to the official numbers, and they support USB quick charging. Moreover, they are fitted with a multi-function button, a built-in microphone that is mostly there for voice commands, as well as a magnetic buds feature that prevents tangling and helps with their use.

Sony WI-XB400 has a Bluetooth 4.2 connection and features flexible and lightweight cables, which are another addition to its practicality and ease of use. Moreover, these earbuds come with 12-millimeter drivers that are the key reason for their solid audio and that provide comfortable and stable use, which makes them suitable for any sort of action, including sports.

All in all, they are well-priced, good-performing and with more than enough features for a solid performance, as should be the case with one of the best earbuds out there.

  • Light
  • Portable
  • Comfortable and stable
  • Easy to use
  • No noise canceling
  • Not compatible with Sony’s Headphones Connect app
  • No EQ

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One of the Best

tozo t12

TOZO T12 are solid, wireless earbuds that provide a very good audio experience, thanks to their good-quality build and numerous features. To be exact, these earbuds come with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and support for HSP, HFP, A2DP, and AVRCP profiles. More importantly, they are fitted with 10mm drivers that provide clear audio with strong bass, and equally importantly, a wide soundstage.

TOZO T12 are low-latency earbuds, with touch controls and voice command support. Moreover, they come with a charging case and support wireless charging.

They are fitted with a built-in 50mAh battery that offers some six hours of playtime, while with its 500mAh battery, with the use of the charging case, their playtime extends to the respectable 28 hours in total. In addition, these earbuds also come with a waterproof build and IPX8 rating, and numerous handy features, such as, for example, the ability to pair a single earbud.

All in all, they are cheap, good-performing, and fitted with numerous advanced technologies that rightfully position them among the best earbuds under $50.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Comfortable
  • HSP, HFP, A2DP, and AVRCP support
  • Comfortable
  • Wireless charging
  • Not the best high-frequency reproduction

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Great tangle-free earbuds under $50

sony mdr-xb50apr
These earbuds are equipped with 12mm dome type driver units that provides great deep bass performance while high-energy neodymium magnets guarantee top-notch sound.

Sony MDR XB50AP has also got an integrated microphone and smartphone playback control for convenient use. Thanks to hybrid silicone buds these headphones provide a comfortable fit.

Sony MDR XB50AP earbuds have a tangle-free, Y-type flat cord with slider what minimizes the risk of tangle formation that often results in various kinds of cord damages and a purchase of new headphones.

  • clear mids and highs
  • powerful bass
  • tangle-free cable
  • lightweight and soft ear tips
  • different earbud sizes
  • remote control for convenient use
  • microphone needs some improvement
  • bulky
  • no quick access to volume control

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Tribit 100H

Excellent, Cheap Earbuds

tribit 100h

If cheap, yet functional earbuds are what you are looking for, Tribit 100H should be on your list. They are well-built, durable earbuds, with multiple protective features, such as IPX8 waterproof rating.

More importantly, these earbuds come packed with multiple useful features. There is Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, with support for AAC and SBC codecs, as well as one-step pairing that automatically reconnects the earbuds with the previously connected device.

In addition, there is also a decent five-hour battery life, which can be extended to up to 100 hours, with the help of the charging case (there is a 2600mAh battery inside of it), as well as Hi-Fi stereo sound.

Tribit 100H is available in black, gray, and pink color, and comes with six pairs of replaceable eartips that should help you find the best fit with ease. Also, these earbuds bring on-ear touch-controls, and most importantly, they deliver very good audio with a decent bass that should please most users.

Therefore, if you are after one of the best earbud sets under $50, you may be sure that the Tribit 100H is a good choice.

  • Affordable
  • IPX8 waterproof rating
  • Multiple ear tip options
  • Very good battery life
  • Very good audio
  • Sculpted sound signature
  • No EQ
  • No AptX support

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Anker Soundcore Life P2 Mini

Amazing Bass in a Compact Edition

anker soundcore life p2 mini

Anker Soundcore Life P2 Mini are well-built and lightweight (they weigh only 4.4 grams) earbuds that bring an excellent bass and very good sound reproduction for their small size. These are reasonably priced, comfortable earbuds, fitted with plenty of features and with a pretty attractive look, which rightfully positions it among the best earbuds on the market.

More importantly, these earbuds are equipped with triple-layer 10mm drivers that are the main reason for their good sound reproduction, as well as Bluetooth 5.2 connection that provides a reliable audio transmission. Moreover, these earbuds offer three EQ modes, have IPX5 waterproof rating, and come with multiple handy features for easier use. For example, there is a single-earbud mode, a built-in microphone, as well as a compact charging case that comes in the package and guarantees for additional 32 hours of playtime, on top of the earbuds’ native eight-hour playtime.

Anker Soundcore Life P2 Mini earbuds support USB-C charging, and more importantly, they provide a solid audio reproduction, with very good upper mids and highs, and an exceptional bass that is the main feature of these earbuds.

All in all, Anker Soundcore Life P2 Mini earbuds are affordable, feature-rich, and most importantly, very good at audio reproduction, that ultimately makes them the great choice and one of the better earbuds available.

  • Lightweight
  • Built-in microphone
  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • A decent battery life
  • Automatic pairing mode
  • Comfortable
  • Inconsistent call clarity

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Anker Soundcore Life A1

Decent and Reliable Earpads

anker soundcore life a1

Anker Soundcore Life A1 is a solid, reasonably priced earbud set that brings a solid battery life and more importantly, good audio quality. To be exact, these earbuds offer nine hours of playtime that can be extended up to 35 hours with the help of the compact charging case, and thy support both wireless and USB-C fast charging.

Moreover, they are fitted with Bluetooth 5.0 that brings a reliable connection, as well as multiple handy additions, such as one-step pairing, on-ear controls, and single-earbud useability.

To make things even better, Anker Soundcore Life A1 provides three custom sound modes that include Signature, Bass Boost, and Podcast mode, and comes in the package with five sizes of ear tips, helping you find the most comfortable configuration with ease.

Anker Soundcore Life A1 is equipped with the two MEMS Omnidirectional Microphones, with uplink noise reduction and 8mm triple-layer drivers that are the key reason for their good quality audio and strong bass.

For that reason, if you are looking for the best earbuds in the budget-friendly area, Anker Soundcore Life A1 earbuds are an excellent choice.

  • IPX7 waterproof rating
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Reliable connection
  • Fast and wireless charging support
  • Not that great microphone
  • No active-noise cancellation

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JBL Endurance Run

Perfect for High-Intensity Gym Sessions

jbl endurance run
JBL is well-known on the market for their high-quality products that are both durable and deliver impressive sound quality. So, the Endurance Run earbuds are no difference, even though they come at a fantastic price!

They were designed with athletes in mind, which means they are sweat-proof and durable. Furthermore, they are flexible, as users can wear them as in-ear headphones or behind-the-ear buds. As a result, anyone can find the perfect fit while running, lifting weights, or riding a bike.

These are wired earbuds, but the materials used are durable and feel nice against the skin (so there is no discomfort). Moreover, they don’t hinder your workout and the in-line one-button remote control lets you switch tracks and answer calls without using the phone.

Finally, the earbuds are magnetic, so they and the cable won’t come in the way when not in use.

  • Impressive JBL sound quality
  • Magnetic earbuds
  • Durable materials
  • Sweat-proof design
  • One button remote control
  • Lightweight and easy to wear
  • Amazing quality for the money
  • Some issues with the fit
  • The rubber on eartips is a bit thin

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Shure SE112-GR

High-Quality Design with Impressive Sound Quality

shure se112-gr
The initial Shure SE112 kit is a wired design with Single Dynamic micro-drivers that deliver the necessary oomph that makes the audio experience worth enjoying. However, the headphones can be transformed into a Bluetooth wireless model by purchasing a special Bluetooth cable (though we didn’t find where you can buy the cable without purchasing the BT version SE112-K-BT1).

The wired model is equipped with inline remote control and microphone, which makes them perfect for phone calls and even voice commands for your favorite virtual assistant. On the remote, you have controls to scroll through the playlist and answer calls.

SE112 packs quite the power, with a frequency range of 25 Hz –17 kHz and 105 dB sensitivity. Also, the ear tips are specially designed to offer good sound isolation (up to 37 dB of ambient noise), which makes them perfect for listening on the go.

Finally, the wired model is delivered with a velvet drawstring case that keeps the cable from getting damaged in your bag/purse.

  • Good sound quality
  • Great bass response
  • Nice sound isolation
  • They fit well in the ears
  • Overall lightweight design
  • They can be uncomfortable after several hours
  • Controls on the remote can be a bit finicky

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Whatever earbuds you choose make sure they are your perfect fit and you can enjoy your favorite tracks to the full.

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