11 Best TV Wall Mounts in 2020

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best tv wall mount
Nowadays it’s not uncommon to find huge TVs in regular people’s homes since the prices are affordable and the quality is unbelievable. But a large TV needs a sturdy, reliable, and easy to adjust wall mount that allows access to the ports and some sort of screen adjustment system.

As such, we went on a quest to find the best TV wall mount for a wide range of TVs, so anyone can enjoy the perfect viewing angle in the comfort of their home.

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How to Choose the Best TV Wall Mount

Before we talk about the best products, let’s first have a quick look at the features you should consider when shopping for a TV wall mount.

Supported TVs

Some producers will mention the brands their mount supports, but most will only give you details like the size and weight of the units that may fit. Also, another helpful tip is the VESA pattern, which is a mounting standard used by TV and wall mount producers alike. This will tell you more about the type of unit that works with the mount.


While the prices for flat-screen TVs are coming down, it is still a major financial investment for the regular folks (especially 4K and bigger). As such, your mount should be sturdy enough to keep the TV safe from any harm while on the wall.

So, make sure the mount is made of durable, high-quality materials and that the hinges (if any) and brackets are well-designed. In the case of full-motion wall mounts, you’ll need to test the resistance of the extending arm (especially for single arm designs).

Ease of Installation

The installation should be simple and quick, using mostly the tools provided in the package. Most mounts have three elements: the plate that goes on the wall, the plate or brackets that go on the back of the TV and the elements in the middle, connecting the two.

It’s also important to know a bit about the wall on which you’re going to install the mount. Is it drywall over wooden studs or is it concrete? If it’s the first option, you need to know the distance in between two consecutive studs as not all mounts fit the 16” standard.

Movement, Access, and Cable Management

Finally, the mount should provide some type of access to the TV’s ports and cables behind it. Also, some mounts come with predefined paths where the wires can be tucked in for a clean installation.

In terms of movement, the most common one is the tilt upwards and downwards. Still, the full motion designs also offer swivel, rotate, expand, and retract, which allow the user more freedom in personalizing the viewing experience.

11 Best TV Wall Mounts on the Market

Sanus VLT6-B1

The Best Wall Mount for 65-inch TV

sanus vlt6-b1
If you own a 65 or a 75-inch TV, you’ll need a mount that supports maximum tilt range. And here’s where the Sanus VLT6-B1 shines!

The mount extends up to 5.7” so you can access the ports and insert or remove cables without disturbing the position of the TV. Now, the tilt range may differ for large TVs, but they will not hit the wall as it happens with regular mounts. Also, the tilt helps reduce the glare which is why the mount is perfect for above eye level locations.

Moreover, the VLT6 fits almost any VESA pattern and can be mounted over electrical outlets due to the open wall plate design. This allows you to hide any cables or plugs, maintaining a neat appearance around the TV.

Finally, the mount offers side-to-side shift, post-installation height, and level adjustment, and it is compatible with SASP1 streaming device panels (you can hide a streaming device behind the TV).


  • Maximum tilt range for large TVs
  • Hides the outlet, plugs, and cables
  • Safety features so it can be used in public places
  • Adjustment and position shifting after installation
  • Compatible with most VESA patterns
  • Easy to install
  • Holds large TV

  • A bit expensive
  • Brackets may look a bit shaky

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Mounting Dream MD2380

The Best Articulating TV Wall Mount

mounting dream md2380
Designed as a universal wall mount, the Mounting Dream MD2380 is the best choice for all sorts of TVs (LED, OLED, Plasma Flat Screen TVs, or LCD) that don’t weigh more than 99 lbs. (32 to 55 inches in size). The product is equipped with Full Motion Swivel Articulating Dual Arms and features tilt, swivel and rotate functions.

To optimize the viewing experience, the bracket can be tilted up 5° and down 15°. This reduces any glare and gives you access to the TVs’ ports. Moreover, you can swivel it 45° to the right or left, so the image will fit your seating position, and it rotates about 3° in each direction for post-installation adjustments. Finally, the dual arms can be pulled out (15.2” from the mount) or retracted (up to 3” from the wall).

The MD2380 is VESA compatible (max VESA 400x400mm/16″x16”), easy to install, and sturdy. Moreover, since it’s easy to move it as needed, the mount works great with a 4K TV, so you can enjoy the highly-detailed quality of the image regardless of your position in the room.


  • Maximum viewing flexibility
  • Fits most TVs under 55”
  • You can position it as needed
  • It’s easy to install
  • The build is sturdy
  • Can be adjusted post-installation
  • Moves smoothly and holds the position

  • The tilting function requires an Allen wrench
  • The leveling function is a bit difficult to use
  • A bit stiff at first

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VideoSecu ML531BE

A Wall Mount You Can Install by Yourself

videosecu ml531be
Equipped with a Full Motion Swivel Articulating Extension Arm that lets users pull the TV about 20” from the wall, the VideoSecu ML531BE may as well be the best full motion tv wall mount!

It is easy to install, and it comes with a steel plate with adjustable arms (that goes on the back of the TV) so it can fit most VESA patterns. The mount can hold TVs up to 88 lbs. (25 to 42 inches) and the level can be adjusted after the installation.

Once mounted, you can tilt the TV (15° forward and 5° backward tilt), swivel it 180° to left or right, and rotate it as needed. The movement is smooth, and you don’t need to use other equipment to make it happen. The bracket comes with special hooks that allow for easy position adjustment without any assistance from another person.

Finally, the mount has a low profile when retracted (2.2”), so it can be installed in a smaller room. Not to mention that the bracket offers cable management possibilities (two predetermined routing locations for the power and cable hook-ups) so you can hide everything behind the TV.


  • Full-range motion
  • Flexible viewing options
  • Steel VESA plate that can be removed
  • Can be installed by one person
  • Smooth movement and action
  • Low profile when retracted
  • The bracket extends up to 2- inches

  • Stiff plastic used for cable management
  • Level changes when you extend the bracket
  • It takes a bit to bring it to level

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Designed for Huge TVs

echogear eglf1-bk
Easy to install and adjust, the EGLF1-BK is the best tv wall mount for Samsung, Sony, Vizio, LG, and more.

Since it’s a full-motion design, it provides enough space behind the TV (it extends up to 16 inches) so you can easily reach adjustment knobs, screw in the final touches, and access all the ports. Moreover, if you have an outdoor tv antenna it will be easier to connect the and jack and hide the cable behind the TV.

The fact that it can be extended, allows you to move even huge TVs (up to 70 inches) according to each specific situation. As such, the TV can swivel 130° left to right and can be tilted 15° to avoid any glare or distorted image.

When you don’t need it to stick out of the wall, you can simply tuck it in (when retracted, the mount is only 2.6” away from the wall).

The mount is designed to hold up to 132 lbs., it’s well-built and sturdy, and comes with a wide range of screws so that it will fit most TVs.


  • Sturdy build
  • Supports huge TVs
  • Easy to mount
  • Full motion design
  • Low profile when retracted
  • Smooth movement
  • Easy to adjust & level

  • You may need to purchase some extra screws
  • A bit difficult to center on studs that are on 16-inch centers
  • Hardware isn’t labeled according to the instructions

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Cheetah APDAM3B

The Best Wall Mount for 20-65” TVs

cheetah apdam3b
If you’re looking for a TV wall mount that comes with an integrated HDMI cable and supports up to VESA 400, the Cheetah APDAM3B is a wonderful choice.

Designed to be sturdy and reliable, this device has a Dual Articulating Arm that allows for the TV to be pulled at about 14” away from the wall and retracted to about 2.7” inches (low profile). Since it’s so sturdy, the mount will hold about 115lbs. and fits 16” wall studs just right.

The package includes 3-Axis magnetic bubble level (which is helpful when mounting it), four sets of TV mounting screws and spacers. This will fit most TVs, but some models still require the user to purchase the screws.

This is a full motion design so, besides extension and retraction, the TV can also swivel (130°), tilt (10°) and rotate to make sure you get the best viewing experience.


  • Sturdy design & reliable build
  • Full motion design
  • Comes with screws for most TVs
  • Comes with magnetic bubble level
  • Supports up to 115lbs.
  • Max VESA 400
  • Integrated HDMI cable

  • The tilt lock system is a bit difficult
  • Leveling needs a bit of trial and error
  • There is no tilt lock pin

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Mount Factory PRO-X6

A Premium Articulating Mount for Most TV Types

mount factory pro-x6
With an incredible price and impressive features, this wall mount is designed to fit most modern TVs with a 40 to 70 inches diagonal and weigh under 100 pounds. Moreover, the brackets that go on the back of the TV fit most VESA patterns with a range of 200mm x 200mm up to 400mm x 600mm.

Even though it may look a bit light, the mount was built using heavy-duty steel and sturdy barrel hinges, so you don’t need to worry about your expensive TV’s safety once it is mounted properly.

This is a full motion mount that allows users to achieve the perfect viewing angle. This happens due to the articulating design that allows you to pull the TV up to 20 inches from the wall, rotate it up to 160° left/right, pan and tilt it, and push it back close to the wall.

Finally, the back plate is equipped with spaces that allow for cable management and the installation is quite easy.


  • Full motion design
  • Backplate with cable management
  • Sturdy build & smooth motion
  • Fits most VESA patterns
  • Supports TVs up to 100 lbs. and 70 inches
  • Extends up to 20 inches from the wall

  • Instructions are a bit confusing
  • An only be used on 16-inches studs
  • The tilt bracket runs into the wall

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A Low-Profile Design Wall Mount

echogear eglt1-bk
If you’re looking for the best TV wall mount that stays put but allows to remove any signs of glare through tilting, the EGLT1-BK is a wonderful choice! The product is fixated on the wall so, once mounted, you’ll only be able to tilt it about 15° upwards or downwards. This is enough to offer easy access to ports and some viewing personalization.

The mount can be installed on 16” or 24” studs and it accommodates most VESA patterns for TVs up to 70 inches.

The installation process is incredibly easy and, once you find the perfect angle, you have the option to lock the TV in place with an easy-to-use tension knob.


  • Low-profile design
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy to install
  • Lock in place knob
  • The TV can be tilted
  • Fits most VESA patterns

  • Doesn’t fit TVs without a flat back
  • Difficult to tilt with big hands

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The Best Corner TV Wall Mount

perlesmith psmfk3
The PSMFK3 is a full motion design that can be mounted on wooden studs (regardless of the space in between) or concrete. This is possible because the bracket that fits on the wall mounts vertically and not horizontally. Moreover, the brackets that go on the back of the TV can be used for both flat and curved designs and they fit most VESA patterns.

Since this is a Full Motion Single Articulating Arm design, it can be easily installed in corners or locations where it’s a bit more difficult to have a good viewing angle without adjusting the position of the TV.

The construction is solid, and the producer only used high-quality materials to ensure your TV will be safe and that the motion is smooth. The mount supports most 32” to 55” TVs that weigh up to 77lbs.

In terms of motion, you can swivel, tilt and adjust the level with a simple push in the right direction. The tilt and swivel also offer lots of access to the TV’s ports and you can use zip ties to manage the cables.


  • Single Articulating Arm design perfect for corners
  • Full motion mount
  • Easy installation
  • Works with most VESA patterns
  • Study build and smooth action

  • Swivel motion is a bit stiff at first
  • Tilt and level require the use of a key

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AmazonBasics Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount

The Best Viewing Experience

amazonbasics full motion articulating tv wall mount
With a full-motion design, this articulating wall mount supports up to 132lbs and TVs between 30 and 80 inches.

The bracket arm that connects the back of the TV to the bracket on the wall can be pulled at about 19.9 inches from the wall or retracted to a 2.6” low profile. Also, there is room for a 15° tilt, so you’ll have space to change cables or add equipment. Once mounted, the TV can swivel at 180° left and right, for the perfect viewing experience.

The plate that goes on the back of the TV works with most VESA patterns while the one that goes on the wall fits studs situated at 16” distance. Finally, the heavy-duty aluminum and steel combination make for an easy to install mount that’s delivered with all the tools needed.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Smooth action
  • Easy to mount
  • Can support 132 pounds
  • Full motion design
  • Single articulated arm

  • Instructions can be confusing
  • Cable management is not that great
  • A bit stiff at first

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Cheetah APTMM2B

Universal Design with Low Profile

cheetah aptmm2b
The best wall mount for TV doesn’t necessarily have to be a full motion design, but it needs to be reliable and easy to install.

And this is where the Cheetah APTMM2B shines due to its sturdy build and universal design that fits TVs of all types and shapes. The mount supports anything from 20 to 80 inches and is not picky when it comes to brands (most major TV brands are supported).

Since it’s a fixed design, the mount will keep the TV flush against the wall (1.3” low profile). Still, there is a 10° tilt that helps eliminate glares and gives access to ports and other equipment. Once you find the ideal angle, you can lock it in place with the easy lift and lock attachment with adjustable Pull Tabs that also offer a rotation of about 3° after the installation.


  • Low profile against the wall
  • Fits a wide range of TVs
  • Can be adjusted after mounting
  • Tilt motion
  • Lock in place system
  • Can be mounted on both 16” and 24” studs

  • No washers included
  • Plastic tabs are a bit cheap
  • Instructions are confusing

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An Incredibly Flexible Design

wali wl-1330lm
If you want a wall mount that will allow you to move the TV in any way you want, the WALI WL-1330LM is a wonderful choice.

The mount has three main components: the plate that goes on the wall (it’s a vertical mount), the arm that allows for 180° swivel and the VESA plate that can be easily detached to mount it on the back of the TV. However, you should know it only supports VESA 100×100 and 75×75.

Otherwise, in term of size, the mount can be used with flat screen LED TVs between 13” and 30” that weigh under 33lbs.

Once installed, the mount supports +/-15 degrees tilt; 180 degrees swivel and 360 degrees rotation of the TV. As such, you can position the screen as you need according to each occasion and you have plenty of access to the back of the TV. Moreover, the mount has a low-profile (only 2”) when retracted, so it works nicely with ultra-thin designs.


  • Durable build
  • Full flexibility in adjusting the viewing angle
  • Can extend and retract
  • Supports tilt, swivel and rotate
  • Easy to mount

  • Two main screws don’t have a face
  • Articulation joints are tight
  • Instructions aren’t too helpful

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As you can see, you won’t have to spend a fortune to find the best TV wall mount for your TV. However, you should spend some time to research the models that look interesting! Otherwise, you may end up with a mount that doesn’t actually fit your walls or your TV.

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