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TV Viewing Angle: Everything You Need to Know

Not all TVs are created equal, and that’s a fact. Between the various types of resolution (reading lists comparing the best HDs to the best 4K TVs) and in deciding between the best OLEDs or the best QLEDs, it’s okay to get confused when making a new purchase. Some…
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Motion Interpolation: Everything You Need to Know

Motion interpolation is a well-intentioned feature in many televisions and screens that can make your million-dollar budget films look like a mockbuster from the Philippines directed and produced by student interns pulling double shifts. Also known as motion smoothing or the…
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Local Dimming: Everything You Need to Know

LCD televisions do not ‘create’ light themselves. Rather, this is the work of the backlight, an illumination that produces the image that you see. This is in contrast (no pun intended) to older televisions, which is apparent in both the fact that pictures now are much…
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The Best Coaxial Cables in 2021

If you are seeking a proper audio-video connection between your devices, such as TV, antenna, cable modem, etc. you need a proper coaxial cable. However, to the one that will fit your needs, you’ll need specific knowledge, which may be problematic, especially if you are…
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The Best Microphones for Podcasting in 2021

Whether you’re a YouTuber, streamer, or podcaster, you need a high-quality mic to create the best possible content. After all, the modern microphone is a powerful device! It allows people to share their stories, create an engaged community, and fulfill their dreams in a…
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Best Audio Interfaces in 2021

When it comes to gear, the audio interface is the heart of a home recording studio. This device packs premium-quality preamps and converters that help create amazing audio works. In fact, some of the more affordable pieces created today, if used correctly, can equal…
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How To Calibrate Your TV

It’s a good idea for most to be able to know how to calibrate a TV. Knowing how to color calibrate TVs ensures that your viewing experience is always optimal; color depth and image quality depend greatly on how well the overall picture comes together, no pun…
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HDR10 vs HDR10+ vs Dolby Vision

If you’re already aware of what HDR (high-dynamic range) is, you might find yourself with more questions now that you’ve understood the concept. If you pull out a list of the best 75-80” TVs, you’ll notice that they’re all very evenly split between these three.
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Curved vs Flat TVs. Everything You Need to Know

Televisions have enjoyed evolution on a level perhaps quicker and more visible than any other technology; no longer do our televisions rely on antennas, no longer do we have to bang on the TV set to get the picture right and no longer are we glued to them all the time. Well…
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Color Volume: Everything You Need to Know

The best monitors out there seem to have it all; having one of those top-of-the-line 1440p monitors seems to ensure perfect visuals and cutting-edge technology all in exchange for a few hundred dollars. You might already know, however, that this is not always true. Of the…