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HDR10 vs HDR10+ vs Dolby Vision

If you’re already aware of what HDR (high-dynamic range) is, you might find yourself with more questions now that you’ve understood the concept. If you pull out a list of the best 75-80” TVs, you’ll notice that they’re all very evenly split between these three.
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Curved vs Flat TVs. Everything You Need to Know

Televisions have enjoyed evolution on a level perhaps quicker and more visible than any other technology; no longer do our televisions rely on antennas, no longer do we have to bang on the TV set to get the picture right and no longer are we glued to them all the time. Well…
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Color Volume: Everything You Need to Know

The best monitors out there seem to have it all; having one of those top-of-the-line 1440p monitors seems to ensure perfect visuals and cutting-edge technology all in exchange for a few hundred dollars. You might already know, however, that this is not always true. Of the…
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Color Accuracy: Everything You Need to Know

Color might be one of the most striking aspects and a key deciding factor in any considerations we make based on one of the most important sense perceptions: sight. In fact, a marketing study claims that up to 90% of rapid-fire judgments made about products rely on color…
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Chroma Subsampling: Everything You Need to Know

Behind the scenes of your favorite films and television shows, hours and hours of work (equaling months) is put in to achieve the final result. This is not just limited to the writing, directing, and producing, however, but also in bringing the end product to you: DVDs…
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Open Vs Closed Headphones

Before spending a sizeable chunk of money on a nice pair of over-the-ear-headphones, it’s best to do your research. Don’t let all the intimidating terminology discourage you from making an informed purchase decision. Over-the-ear headphones, also known as circumaural…
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THX Certification: Everything You Need to Know

With so many options in the home audio market and for sound equipment, it can be hard to know at a glance what the best product is. What are the best home theater speakers out there? What if you want to get specific, such as when looking for the best floor standing…
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The Best Bone Conduction Headphones

Bone conduction technology in headphones offers users the possibility to hear their audio materials (music, podcasts, audiobooks) without losing contact with the surrounding reality. For instance, the best bone conduction headphones can help you improve morning runs with…
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The Best Clock Radios in 2022

Is it morning already? Do you really have to get out of bed and start your day? These are questions that haunt most of us at the dawn of a new day. But what if you could wake up without trying to suppress your desire to smash the phone/clock into the nearest wall? Can you…
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The Best Powered Speakers in 2022

Powered speakers contain their own amplifiers, a feature that makes them a bit more versatile than passive speakers. They can be used with a turntable (without needing other equipment), as computer speakers, or BT speakers and deliver a powerful and impressive audio…