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The Most CPU-Intensive Games and Software for CPU Testing

Video games are just like exercise… for your computer. They can test just how far you can push your system, especially in terms of the CPU temperature. Everything from the ROM to the GPU is utilized to the limit. The act of benchmarking your CPU, as it’s commonly known, helps you know just where your setup stacks up against others and what exactly you can do with it. Can you run CPU intensive…
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GPU Scaling: What Is It and How to Turn it On or Off?

Long gone are the days of gamers feeling helpless against what hand you’ve been dealt with by your parents, IT-guy, or budgetary restrictions. Long gone are the days of those round-looking monitors and long gone are the days of being unable to get the graphics of your game to match your screen, be it a newer generation than the game you’re playing (resulting in a stretched or small image) or…
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