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What is Controller Deadzone? How to Find it and Fix

Gamers in any game are always seeking a slight advantage to stay on top of the meta. One simple approach to get ahead is to upgrade your gaming setup, but not everyone can do that because of the cost involved. So, before you go out and buy new graphic cards or a fancy pro controller, see if you can improve your present setup. Controllers, for example, are often used and may not always withstand…
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How to Speed up Steam Downloads

Steam is one of the most popular PC gaming platforms as it has millions of active players. The app has a vast range of games that you can buy at low rates and play immediately with quick installation. It is also used by a lot of streamers as well. It is pretty easy to use. First, you must download your game, which can take some time, especially when the game size is huge. Because of the…
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What is an eGPU? Is it Worth Buying?

The notion of an external graphics card (eGPU) is now more of a widespread option as technology advances and customer expectations soar. For sure, a fully-equipped desktop computer will provide you with the best options when it comes to customizing your experience, but you can now upgrade your laptop to have the capability of a full-tower system. If you are using your laptop for gaming or work…
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Razer Naga Trinity Review

Three Mice for the Price of One Razer Naga Trinity is one more high-performing gaming mouse from Razer that combines great efficiency, speed, and versatility into one of the best gaming MMO mice out there. This is a large, comfortable mouse, with great ergonomics, and most importantly, a swappable side panel that allows you to have a mouse with 9, 14, or 19 fully programmable buttons, giving you…
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Razer Huntsman Elite Review

A Blazing-Fast Full-Size Gaming Keyboard Razer Huntsman Elite is a wired, lightning-fast mechanical keyboard that brings an excellent gaming and good typing experience, as well as very good office use characteristics. This is a feature-rich device, with an excellent build quality, great customization options, and on top of that, amazing RGB lighting. In other words, everything expected from the…
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ASUS AX5400 RT-AX82U WiFi 6 Gaming Router Review

If you’re looking for a top-notch gaming router, today’s your lucky day, because we’ve decided upon a coin-toss to do the ASUS AX5400 review. All jokes aside, the ASUS AX5400 is arguably one of the best routers for gaming out there, and that becomes obvious as soon as you take a look at the asking price. This is definitely not an affordable router, but it comes loaded with all the…
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Using an External Hard Drive with Xbox. Things to Know

Games are getting more extensive than they have ever been, but your Xbox One’s internal hard drive isn’t expanding to match that up. With internal Xbox storage spanning from 500GB to 2TB, you will need to upgrade to an external drive eventually to hold more games (especially if you are an avid gamer). Fortunately, Xbox One supports the smooth insertion of portable hard drives through…
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Are Game Emulators Legal?

The PC vs. Console debate has been raging on for years but it is also possible to emulate various different consoles on your PC. The main question is: Are game emulators safe to use? There has been a lot of discussion going on for a while now about the legality of private severs and game emulators. We have already discussed the issue of the legality of private servers on this blog. Now, we turn…
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PlayStation Now on PC. What You Need to Know

No console? No problem! Get started with PlayStation Now on PC. All you need is a PlayStation Network account and a suitable controller. Stream the complete PS Now game library on your Windows PC With over 800 games available for you on demand. Save your game progress to the PS Now cloud and continue playing on your Windows PC, PS5, or PS4 wherever you login in, as it is available in more than 20…
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Problems with the Nintendo Switch You Should Know Before Buying

With great exclusives like Super Mario Odyssey and Splatoon 2, the Nintendo Switch is one of the most successful consoles on the market. The Nintendo Switch is, for the most part, is a solid and creative console. And is home to one of the best-rated games of all time in The Legend of Zelda and the Super Mario series, but that does not mean it is resistant to technical issues. We have compiled a…
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How to Connect a Retro Game Console to a Modern TV

PC Gaming vs. Console has been a hot debate topic in the current gaming world, with many people thinking of the time when these discussions were not commonplace and all gamers enjoyed all gaming platforms. Perhaps you have recently discovered the joys of retro gaming and own a modern television. Or you have recently upgraded your 1990s television which was on its way to being a family heirloom, to…
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How to Protect Yourself from Game Accounts Hackers?

The COVID-19 period has seen an increase in online gaming, where people on lockdown spend more time on their computers. Most online gamers are increasingly at risk of having their gaming accounts targeted by hackers, even more so when they play on private servers. Information is an essential tool. Understanding how accounts get hacked will help you protect your accounts and avoid having your…
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