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How to Set Up a Home Theater System

Home entertainment has come a long way from the days of box-like TV sets with bad quality screens; it is not just the TVs that have evolved, but the supplementary things like sound systems have come a long way as well. In fact, the term ‘home theater’ itself is a sign of how far we’ve come. Setting up a home theater – if you have time, money, and want to never leave your living room again…
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How to Clean a Mouse Pad

You might know how to clean your screen, give your keyboard a thorough scrub, and even the ins and outs of keeping a PC running in perfect health – but when we take a break from all this, we realize that the mouse pad has, in our neglect, become a part of that cesspool exemplifying the point of no return. Or, you know, it’s not that dramatic and we can guide you how to clean a mouse pad, right…
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How to Test a Webcam

Webcams have many uses but are of no use when they keep bombarding you with error upon error. While there are alternatives that let you avoid this problem in and of itself, the usual smart choice is to test your webcam either after you set it up or before you’re going to be using it, just so you can take care of any problems beforehand and not have to deal with them when you’re in the middle…
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How To Make Ink Cartridges Last Longer

In spite of the popularity of e-books and the fact of millions of digital documents being shared back and forth every minute, it still matters to have things inked out in print. This is because hard copies (of text documents, infographics, images, and legal files) are easy to locate and hard to accidentally delete, add to the importance of the material at hand, and sometimes it might simply be a…
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How to Turn Off, Disable or Uninstall Windows Defender

The past decade has seen an unprecedented growth spurt in the number of users online and using the Internet to share, send and receive files. There’s also the consistently-rising popularity of USB sticks, many so portable and common as to be used as keychains and increasingly boasting storage in the terabytes. To many, this also paints a vivid picture of opportunities for malware, viruses, and…
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How to Use Your Phone as a Webcam

At some point you may have wondered, “Can I use my phone as a webcam?” And if so, how? Also, why would you even want to, right? Well, webcams can be expensive, and maybe you already have an old phone lying around that has a good enough camera. All else aside, sometimes you might just be in a pinch and need a webcam quickly. Actual webcams can be difficult to set up as well, and sometimes they…
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How to Add a Webcam to OBS

Open Broadcaster Software, or simply OBS, is used for live streaming and recording. If you’re a gamer, you may have watched a number of gaming live streams on YouTube. Most YouTubers use OBS to create these videos, and it is used for Twitch as well. OBS is a free open source software, and fairly easy to use. The first thing you need to learn is how to add a webcam to OBS. If you don’t have…
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How to Build a Laptop

When it comes to laptops, you can either buy a pre-configured laptop or build a custom one. Pre-configured laptops come with specifications that are meant to appeal to a large segment of the market. They are manufactured in bulk and are the ones you’ll see on most store shelves. You can buy these quickly and start using them immediately. Custom-built laptops are a different story. Can you build…
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How to Calibrate a Monitor

In the 4k vs. 1080p debate the key is knowing how to calibrate these displays. It doesn’t matter if your monitor is low-end or high-end: without suitable monitor calibration, or without using the right monitor calibration tools, even the latest and heftiest 4K display won’t be of much use to you. While it’s also important to learn about things such as TN, IPS, or VA (and other…
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How to Test a Power Supply

Knowing how to test a computer power supply unit might be one of the number one tools in your arsenal for troubleshooting your system when it goes on the fritz. Owing to its sheer power and importance in the hierarchy, the PSU (power supply unit) is often first up on the list of hardware most likely to fail, especially for a computer with some years on it. This can cause random reboots, lockups…
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How to Format an SSD

Knowing how to format an SDD properly saves you from the risk of having viruses destroy your system. On top of that, your data cannot be recovered by any other party that is using that SSD later on and you can get rid of useless programs/corrupt files in one go. Formatting an SSD means getting rid of everything stored on the Solid State Drive. Essentially, you might want to do this when you are…
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How to Transfer Windows 10 to SSD

When we compare SSDs and HDDs in terms of overall performance, SSDs tend to win. You may already know this, and may thus be updating your PC with an SSD. Although you can format and do a fresh install of Windows, you may want to keep the same Windows that you have. In order to do this, you will need to transfer Windows to your new storage. We’ll tell you how to transfer Windows 10 to SSD, since…
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