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Corsair K55 Review

The Corsair K55 is a best seller for the company, and for good reason: price baby. Everything nowadays revolves around “bang for the buck”, and in this regard, the K55 plays in a league of its own. Hence, the Corsair K55 review, even if this affordable gaming keyboard was first released more than two years ago. To put it simply, the Corsair K55 RGB is one of the best budget dedicated gaming…
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Das Keyboard 4 Professional Review

Even if it seems that a keyboard doesn’t play such crucial part as PC case stuff that’s a huge mistake. What is your top-notch graphics card, motherboard or a new CPU cooler worth without a hefty keyboard? Definitely, these are important PC units but will you experience their great performance without a keyboard? We have some doubts. A keyboard gives you an access to all options a PC can…
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