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Das Keyboard 4 Professional Review

Even if it seems that a keyboard doesn’t play such crucial part as PC case stuff that’s a huge mistake. What is your top-notch graphics card, motherboard or a new CPU cooler worth without a hefty keyboard? Definitely, these are important PC units but will you experience their great performance without a keyboard? We have some doubts. A keyboard gives you an access to all options a PC can…
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Audioengine A2+ Review

If you are one of those customers who is looking for something compact and at the same time cute to make your life more tuneful either at home or work then you are on the right track. Audioengine A2+ is for those who value space, elegance and quality. Of course, these speakers aren’t the acme of perfection but their producer at least tried to approach it. Image Credit: Audioengine USA First…
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Cooler Master Storm Scout 2 Review

Cooler Master is one of those companies that encourage their customers to build an ideal PC. It knows what your computer needs to reach the acme of perfection and offers plenty of products that can help you create something really powerful and unique. Bring your ideas to life – that’s the main aim of Cooler Master. The sense of joy, freedom and achievement – that’s what this company takes…
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Crucial Ballistix Tactical Tracer Review

Very often when it comes to the great performance one should know that it’s not only the best case, high-grade motherboard or top-notch graphics card that plays an important role. One day, you will just realize that there is no future without good memory, and since that very moment you will start looking for it. Crucial has been known as the team of memory and storage experts for more than 20…
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Antec Nine Hundred Review

If you have at least a bit of interest in computers or gaming we believe you have heard about such brand such Antec. This renowned American company produces computer components as well as gaming accessories and has taken a considerable place on the global market since 1986. Thus, PC cases also take a significant part in Antec manufacture. The company offers products to satisfy quite different…
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Alienware 17 Review

In this Alienware 17 review, we’re featuring the Alienware 17 R3 gaming laptop. The standout feature of this gaming laptop, compared to its competitors, is its thin design, their graphics amp, and its battery life. This laptop has some pretty impressive specifications that make the gaming experience incredible. The R3 came out in 2016 and was a completely revamped version from the previous two…
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