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How to Clear Cookies on Chrome?

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Most people like Google Chrome, because it is fast, reliable and generally provides a positive browsing experience. It is packed with features and options and allows you to fully adjust it to serve your purpose and make things the way you like them.

Also, it offers certain operations such as browsing history deletion, or cookies and cache clearance, that may help you solve issues with the page loading, formatting, and so on. In other words, options are almost unlimited and here, you are going to be introduced to the aforementioned one, which you will certainly need at some time in the future: how to clear your Google Chrome cookies.

How to Clear Cookies on Chrome

If you have problems with your browser, clearing its cache and cookies is one of the most common ways to fixing them. Therefore, let us introduce you to the way how to handle it and solve the issue yourself:

  1. To begin with, you need to open Google Chrome, by left-clicking its Taskbar icon,

    how to clear cookies on chrome 2

    double-clicking its Desktop icon, or by finding it among the apps and left-clicking it.

  2. how to clear cookies on chrome 1

  3. Once you do that, enter Customize and control Google Chrome (three dots in the top right corner)

    how to clear cookies on chrome 3

    and go to More tools.

  4. how to clear cookies on chrome 4

  5. After that, go to Clear browsing data,

    how to clear cookies on chrome 5

    mark the square next to “Cookies and other site data”, press Clear data and that is it.

    how to clear cookies on chrome 6

    Your cookies and cache are fully removed from Google Chrome.

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