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How to Delete Downloads on Android?

how to delete downloads on android

Digital files are becoming larger and larger with time. This is simply because they are bringing better resolutions, better sound quality, additional features – in general, a much better experience, which is great.

However, constant downloading of the files will eventually fully load your mobile device storage, which will make problems for the devices functioning and generally do more harm than good. The matter of fact is that the majority of users download all sorts of files that are used just once, or never, in most cases. In other words, they can be removed.

Nonetheless, your storage doesn’t make a difference between useful files and the ones that you can live without. In other words, you’re going to have to make that distinction and delete the unnecessary files, which will certainly bring back you precious storage space and give your device a bit of a performance push.

Therefore, knowing how to delete the unwanted downloads may be crucial for the health of your mobile device and here, you are going to learn the process of how you can delete downloads on an Android device.

How to Delete Downloads on Android

As you may guess, deleting your download files is no hard task and it only requires the following:

  1. First, you have to open the Apps Tray,

    how to delete downloads on android

    find the Downloads app, and tap on it. Have in mind that some Android versions don’t have the Downloads app, in which case you should enter the File Manager and then find Downloads.

  2. how to delete downloads on android 1

  3. Once you do that, tap and hold the file that you want to delete and the “Select” mode will be activated.
  4. how to delete downloads on android 2

  5. Now, you will be allowed to select any file that you want to delete, by tapping on the circle next to it.
  6. how to delete downloads on android 3

  7. Once you select all the files you want to delete, tap “Delete”,

    how to delete downloads on android 4

    tap on “Delete local files as well” and press “OK”. Your unwanted files will now be deleted and your job finished.

  8. how to delete downloads on android 5

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