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How to Find Wi-Fi Password on Android?

how to find wi-fi password on android 9

As time goes by, Wi-Fi is slowly, but certainly becoming the most used way of consuming the internet and, for that reason, it is one of the most important aspects of a smartphone and mobile devices usage.

The matter of fact is that today, wherever you go, you are carrying your mobile device that requires the internet that is essential for its proper functioning. Since mobile data traffic is usually too expensive, the best way to avoid the high bills is Wi-Fi connection.

However, to use it, you are usually required to enter the password that will allow you to connect, which is fine but may become a problem if you have already typed it in and forgot it and need to tell it to someone else. To make things worse, in those types of situations, you usually have no one to ask, or there is no sign where you can read the password.

On such occasions, the only way you can find out your Wi-Fi password is your mobile device, which stores the passwords, and luckily, also allows you to see them. In the case of Android, this operation is no rocket science and can be handled in the following way.

How to Find Wi-Fi Password on Android

If you want to find out a Wi-Fi password on your Android device, this is the path to follow:

  1. To begin with, go to Settings

    how to find wi-fi password on android 1

    and enter the Wi-Fi subsection.

  2. how to find wi-fi password on android 2

  3. Tap on “Tap to share password”, below your Wi-Fi network’s name

    how to find wi-fi password on android 3

    and make a screenshot of the barcode that appears on the screen. One of the most common ways to manage that is by holding the Volume Down and Power button pressed simultaneously, or Volume Down and Overview button.

  4. After that, open your Android device scanner app

    how to find wi-fi password on android 10

    and enter the Gallery, to find the saved screenshot.

  5. how to find wi-fi password on android 11

  6. Once you find it, click on it,

    how to find wi-fi password on android 6

    and you will have the required password written on the screen. If you see asterisks instead of the real password, just press them and the real password will appear.

  7. how to find wi-fi password on android 8

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