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Where Can You Save Some Money When Building a New PC

save money when building new pc

New PCs are costly in this day and age, and every dollar matters when you are on a tight budget. You can save a lot of money on your new system if you choose the right parts, purchase at the right retailers, and utilize a few easy strategies.

Even now, building your PC is still less expensive than purchasing a pre-built system from a company such as Dell or HP. You not only save money, but the finished machine is frequently more capable as well.

If you’re seeking to construct a new computer but have a limited budget, you’re probably looking for methods to save money. So, we’ll teach you how to save money when building a new PC.

Plan Everything Beforehand

Plan out everything you will need while building a new PC. Before purchasing even a single part, consider all aspects of your design. It is essential to ask yourself why you are purchasing a new rig. Will it be used for work, or do you want an all-rounder that can perform most tasks?

It is also important to ensure that you are not upgrading a lot more or a lot less than what you need in terms of PC specifications and that anything you purchase functions together.

Planning will save you a lot of time and, more importantly, money. That’s why it is the most critical aspect of building a new PC.

Reuse What You Already Have

If you already own a system, you may save a lot of money by either selling or reusing existing components in your new computer.

A new PC is normally built around a new CPU and motherboard, but there’s a good possibility you will be capable of using your old graphics card, disk, RAM, or case, particularly if you’re replacing a PC from the previous decade or so.

However, first, ensure that your old parts are suitable for your new ones. Outdated hard drives may use an interface that is no longer supported; you should also verify and check your PC motherboard health and run a test or two.

Pick Only the Parts You Need

One of the easiest ways to save hundreds of thousands of dollars on a PC is to construct it to just match your needs. It’s pointless to spend $5,000 on a gaming PC if you only perform web browsing games, read e-mail, and watch Movies.

It’s good to have a powerful computer, but if you are looking to save cash, you need to be very picky about the parts you use.

Furthermore, whenever it comes to PC hardware, don’t try to “purchase for the future,” commonly known as future-proofing. Yes, the term is very much in, and it is recommended for gaming, but it is also extremely expensive to buy all the latest PC components.

Buy Used Parts

If you don’t have spare PC components lying around, the next smartest way is to purchase secondhand components instead of paying the additional money for brand-new ones. You will be surprised how inexpensive yet effective these used parts can be, and it saves you a few bucks along the way as well.

However, you should use caution when choosing the parts you utilize, similar to when using components from an old PC. First, you should check the PC component’s compatibility, and then you should use it on your PC (if compatible). This approach, if it works correctly, can save a lot of money.

But when it relates to graphics cards, motherboards, and other critical PC components, you might be less likely to purchase secondhand parts, which is OK. This isn’t to say they won’t function if you want to save money in these places to stay within budget; it only indicates you should be extra cautious when purchasing these used components.

Know Where and How to Find the Best Deals

Finding the best discounts is more of an art; the process will be flawed. Nonetheless, knowing what you are doing might help you locate the finest discounts. There are precise paths you may take to find the best discounts and save the most money.

The easiest approach to get the best bargains on PC parts is to wait for one of the big sales periods. Cyber Monday, Black Friday in the month of November, Christmas, or any other major event shopping time in particular, and Amazon’s Prime Day all feature amazing prices on a variety of components that can be used to buy you new or secondhand components for your PC.

Additionally, check for low costs in PC stores in your neighborhood and get a low-cost, high-quality product to build your PC.

Keep it Simple

If you are on a tight budget, you can forego the cosmetic aspects. When compared to other solutions, a modest mid-tower case without RGB will save you $50-$100. Cutting RBG from other components will also save a lot of money. RGB coolers, GPUs, and motherboards are more expensive.

Don’t overspend on a huge full-tower case if you don’t need it. Going micro-ATX can help you save money while still allowing room for future improvements.

Consider Barebone PC Kits

This isn’t gonna be relevant to the majority of users, and also, it’s not common nowadays, but the other solution for saving money on a PC setup is to consider purchasing a barebone kit.

Barebone kits may refer to an unbuilt combination of components, but they might also refer to semi-assembled PCs that ship with some elements already fitted and will require you to install more parts based on your needs.

For instance, you may occasionally get a barebones PC with the casing, motherboard, fans, and possibly anything else already installed, and afterward, you can go in and buy whatever CPU, Storage, RAM, GPU, and so forth that you need.

Forget Huge SSDs

This is perhaps one of the more apparent money-saving ideas, as SSDs are more costly than standard hard drives, so if you’re seeking to save money on a PC build, just go with a regular HDD if you need a lot of storage capacity.

Buying a small to medium-sized SSD as your primary system/boot disc will speed up your operating system and save you money.

Just don’t include a 1TB – 2TB SSD in your configuration if you want to save money when building a new PC. If you really want huge space on your system and an SSD, try a 128 GB SSD combination with a 1 or 2 TB HDD. You can use SSD for your operating system and HDD to store games, movies, or any other files.


Saving money on a PC setup will need a significant amount of planning, effort, and patience. Nevertheless, the more time you give to looking for offers, the more money you may save on your new rig. If you decide to build your PC yourself, avoid common mistakes like not planning your budget.

Using the techniques outlined above will assist you in saving a lot of money on the PC which you are building. Just remember to buy wisely and not feel shy to buy used components at a huge discount.

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