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How to Speed up Steam Downloads

Steam is one of the most popular PC gaming platforms as it has millions of active players. The app has a vast range of games that you can buy at low rates and play immediately with quick installation. It is also used by a lot of streamers as well. It is pretty easy to use.
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Can You Use Flash Drives as RAM?

If you notice that your computer or laptop is slowing down when you are working on digital art or playing a high graphics game, you should look to upgrade the RAM of your machine to enhance the performance. RAM is a device’s second engine. Higher the RAM, the higher…
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How to Check RAM Health

Whenever it comes to problems with a PC, RAM is frequently second only to software problems. But how would you know if your computer’s RAM is terrible? There are a few methods to do a memory test and verify the health of RAM. Still, as is frequently the case, 3rd-party…
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How to Check Motherboard Health

The motherboard is an essential component of a PC. The efficiency and health of your motherboard are something you may not realize when using your PC daily. When users have difficulties with their PCs, they frequently blame a defective motherboard. But how do you know…

How to Recover Lost/Unallocated Space on the USB Drive

If you’ve ever copied an ISO file to a USB drive, or you have just installed a new Windows on your PC, there is a chance that you encounter the issue of vanishing disk space. This is a common problem that can occur with your PC and your USB or other storage…
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What is Overscan and How to Fix it?

Although streaming is gradually replacing traditional cables as a method of viewing PC-based video on our TVs, there’s something to be said for the simplicity of utilizing an HDMI connection. The data transfer quality is superb. It is unquestionably the better choice…
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How To Properly Dry Your Electronics (Without Rice)

Even though we all know it is not great to drop electronic gadgets in liquid, we are human beings, and we make mistakes. So, the wetting of electronic devices sometimes happens. Dropping a smartphone or tablet into the water, or dumping a bottle of water or cup of coffee on…
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How to Clean a Trackball Mouse

Dust particles can pour into your trackball or mouse and accumulate over time, just like they can on any other electrical equipment. The longer you use your trackball without cleaning it, the more likely you will have issues with your sensor’s tracking ability. This…
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How to Improve Cables Longevity

Electrical cables and wires serve as the foundation of every industrial setting or factory. Suppose cables fail or are disrupted, even for a few moments. In that case, the entire system comes to a standstill, resulting in significant downtime and loss. Furthermore, sensitive…

How to Increase Print Speed

It’s a fascinating revelation for many businesses that you can boost printer speeds even on machines you already possess. While you might believe that a printer must produce at a fixed speed defined by the manufacturer, many machines do provide some level of…