12 Best Bass Headphones in 2019

best bass headphones
With so many types of headphones on the market today, it is hard to know which ones are the best. Each brand and style seems to have its own unique sound and it can be difficult to decide which would be the best option for you. If you are looking to find the best bass headphones, this article is for you.

One great thing about bass headphones is that you don’t always have to spend an exorbitant amount of money on them. You can find headphones under $200 that work great and provide excellent sound that you are looking for. Unlike cheap $10 headphones you can buy at a convenience store, there are many options that cost a bit more but provide much better sound.

If you’re looking to expand your headphone collection or upgrade your studio headphones, continue reading.

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How to Choose The Best Bass Headphones

As with just about everything in life, you have to know what you are looking for before you start looking. Things to consider when choosing the best bass headphones are price, style, weight, comfort level, and sound quality.

How thick and what style do you want the headphone cord to be? Instead of a standard corded headset, are you looking for the best bass in-ear headphones? There are countless options for you to choose from and they all have their pros and cons.

Do you want wireless or Bluetooth capabilities? An article from The Verge recently noted that wireless headphones are “improving faster than anything else in tech,” so are you looking to invest in some of those? Determining the connectivity of your choice is critical.

You do “get what you pay for,” but when it comes to bass headphones, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend thousands. There are even sets that cost under $100 but provide exponentially better sound quality than more expensive pairs.

Bass headphones are unique because they have a lot of, well, bass. Even if the pair of bass headphones you choose has excellent bass, you will also want to make sure it also has the proper amounts of mids and trebles. If mids or trebs aren’t also high-quality, it can ruin your overall experience.

Bass headphones can be very loud, so if you are looking for headphones that outsiders can’t hear, you should consider finding closed headphones. Closed back headphones are great if you are the type who likes to listen to great bass-heavy music while you’re in public. Quality pairs won’t leak sound and disturb other people around you.

As you can probably guess, open back headphones do leak sound and may not be the best for recording in the studio but they do a great job of enhancing the listening experience. Semi-open headphones are also available, which typically give off a more realistic sound with little distortion and great low-frequency responses.

If you’re looking to avoid talking to your coworkers, a Harvard study says noise-cancelling headphones might be a really good idea for you if you’re trying to be more productive.

One complaint often seen with headphones is the lack of comfort in some models. Many people, especially musicians working in their studios, have their headphones on several hours a day. You’ll want to find headphones that are comfortable and don’t indent your skin or irritate your head.

Weight is also a factor to consider when choosing a pair of bass headphones. Heavy headphones can become annoying after long, so most users choose lighter headphones. Also, beware of headphones that collect sweat, as this can be very uncomfortable.

Below is a list of some of the best bass headphones to choose from.

12 Best Bass Headphones to Buy in 2019

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

Critically Acclaimed Bass Headphones

audio-technica ath-m50x
Priced at about $150 depending on the color you want, the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones are critically acclaimed, and for good reason.

The 45mm large-aperture drivers give off great bass quality and a circumaural design that happens to be great for on-the-go listening. As we’ve discussed, comfort is crucial, and these come with high-grade earpads to make sure they feel good.

These work well regardless of what you plug them into and they also come with durable cords made of quality materials. Overall, this set of bass headphones will work for any use whether it be DJ-ing or simply listening to music on the train.


  • Comfort
  • Great sound isolation
  • 45-mm driver size

  • Complaints regarding one or both sides stop working after a few months
  • Some sets are poorly balanced

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Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro

The Best Studio Headphones Under $200

beyerdynamic dt 770 pro
The Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro headphones come in on our list at some of the best bass headphones under $200. Priced at approximately $180, these are excellent headphones to use in your studio. They work well with laptops and desktops alike.

This set is handmade in Germany and the sound quality is impeccable because you are able to hear even minor sound details with them. The closed-back design keeps sound in and you really can’t go wrong with an impedance of 80 Ohm and frequency of 5 Hz – 35,000 Hz.

The velour earpads are a nice touch as well because they prevent sweat from gathering and making you uncomfortable. The pad on the headband is also detachable so you can add or remove padding if necessary.


  • Comfort level
  • Great amp
  • Price for what you get

  • Not very durable
  • Weak cable

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Marshall Mid ANC

The Best Bass Bluetooth Headphones

marshall mid anc
Equipped with Bluetooth aptX technology, the Marshall Mid ANC headphones have 40-mm drivers that ensure you are getting great sound quality. These are wireless but there is also a 3.5 mm socket should you choose to share your music with a friend as well.

These are great if you’re on-the-go, as they are one of the more compact bass headphones and they are also noise-cancelling.

The comfortable headband has 3D hinges so that you can adjust them the way you need to. One of the best features of these headphones is that the Bluetooth aptX technology allows you to hook your phone up to them and answer the calls wirelessly. You can then speak using the built-in microphones or make voice memos to yourself.


  • Phone functionality
  • Easy to travel with

  • Not as good of bass as competitors

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Sennheiser HD1

Typical Sennheiser-quality Headphones

Sennheiser HD1 Wireless Headphones
Available in black, ivory, or the “Pink Floyd” multi-colored edition, the Sennheiser HD1 headphones are some of the best bass wireless headphones on the market. Despite being one of the more expensive pairs out there, priced at about $350 on a sale, these come with top-notch Active Noise Cancellation.

Featuring a frequency of 16 Hz – 22,000 Hz and a sound pressure level of 113 dB, these around-ear headphones can be connected to two different devices at the same time and switched over easily. Plus, the sound is great whether you are using them wired or wirelessly.

Even though it might take some time to adjust the headphones to fit your ears properly, once you figure them out, they can be worn for hours at a time with little discomfort. There is no “hiss” or white noise that you might find in other headphones, and Bluetooth capability is an added bonus.


  • Good bass, mids, and treble
  • Battery life better than competitors

  • Price
  • Lack of basic setting adjustments

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Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II)

Great Bass Headphones Compatible with Alexa

bose quietcomfort 35 series ii
Of course, Bose is one of the biggest names in the headphones industry, so it comes as no surprise that the Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II) makes our list. These headphones are available in black or a sleek silver and pack a battery life of up to 20 hours.

These noise-cancelling headphones come with the ability to share music and they are also compatible with Alexa, making them stand out from many competitors. They are also lightweight compared to other models and despite the tendency to get hot at times, they are very comfortable.

These headphones are equipped with a great microphone and they are extremely easy to pair with other devices. The cost is a bit steep, coming in at around $350, but if that is a fair price point for you and you’re looking for a great hands-free set of headphones, these might meet your needs.


  • Alexa compatible
  • Excellent at cancelling noise out

  • Cost
  • Flaws in firmware updates

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Bowers & Wilkins P5 Series 2

Apple-Approved Bass Headphones

bowers wilkins p5 series 2
Bowers & Wilkins decided to get in the running for the best bass headphones as well with their P5 Series 2 headphones. Despite not being wireless, they offer an excellent balance of sound that is great whether you are in the studio or simply listening to music in your room.

This on-ear set of headphones is super compatible with iPhones and even features a microphone cable that has been approved by Apple. The soft ear pads are also attached by magnets, making them detachable in case you need to replace them.

These headphones are great if you are looking for a pair that will give you a smooth sound as opposed to really heavy bass that you would get with, say, Beats by Dre. Even though this set has a great bass, it is not overpowering and the sounds are smooth.


  • Smooth sounding
  • Great if you have an iPhone

  • Weak cord
  • Not good for big heads or those with glasses

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Great Headphones for Smooth Sounds

oppo pm 3
One of the more expensive sets of headphones on the market is the OPPO PM-3 headphones. These are pricey but allow users to hear every single instrument and voice in whatever they are listening to. There are no echos, white noise, or any other unwanted sounds so you are always getting the crispest sound possible.

Users report not needing an amplifier for these, but they still work well if you do use one. They are made with strong materials that last, so you could use these for several hours a day and they will still look sharp.

The bass on these is excellent but it is not overbearing, meaning these probably aren’t the best for the “bass heads.” Also, it is rare that customer service gets a shout-out, but the customer service for these is impeccable and willing to send replacements for faulty parts.


  • Smooth, clear sounds
  • Customer service

  • Very pricey
  • Poor padding

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Bose QuietComfort 20

Awesome In-Ear Bass Headphones

bose quietcomfort 20
Coming in next on our list are the Bose QuietComfort 20 headphones. Regardless if you have an Apple or an Android device, Bose has made a model that suits each platform.

These headphones aren’t your typical in-ear headphones that you have to position correctly in your ear or readjust constantly. Instead, these rest perfectly over your ear canal and don’t require continuous adjustments. This is also useful if you are the type who listens to music or audiobooks before going to sleep and don’t want to have a large headset on.

These headphones are noise-cancelling but they also have a feature in which users can switch them to “Aware” mode, meaning they can still be listening to their music but also hear some outside noise if necessary. On the contrary, with the single flip of a switch, users can go from hearing outside noise to being in their own world.


  • Very compatible with smartphones
  • Simple switch from noise-cancelling to Aware mode

  • Break easily
  • Warranty is only 1 year

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Sony – H900N

Exceptional Multi-Mode Headphones

sony h900n
The Sony H900N noise-cancelling headphones surely help Sony live up to its name as a headphone giant. Offered in several different colors including black, red, and blue, these are also one of the more travel-friendly sets of headphones, as they are lighter than competitors and feature an easily-foldable design.

A unique feature of this set is the touch sensor panel that you can use to control them. Additionally, they can easily be switched from noise-cancelling to “ambient sound mode” if you need to hear some outside sounds. Perhaps one of the best features, though, is the “quick attention” mode that you can activate to reduce the volume immediately without taking the headphones off.

These will arrive with everything users need including a carrying case, cables, warranty information, and an instruction manual.


  • Features like the quick attention and ambient sound modes
  • 28-hour battery life
  • Hi-res audio capability

  • Can only be connected to one device
  • Reports of them not working well with Windows

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Beats Studio3

The Best Long Range Headphones

beats studio3
Last but certainly not least are the Beats Studio3 headphones. These over-ear headphones are one of the most attractive sets from the outside, as you would probably expect from Beats. Weighing in at a light 7.6 ounces, these won’t weigh your head down at all.

A notable upside to this set of headphones is that vocals seem to be excellent compared to competitors. EDM music also sounds superior to other brands, and it is super easy to pair these with other devices. The price deters people from purchasing; however, we can tell you they are well worth the price.

If you’re the type who has been disappointed with Beats products in the past, this set of headphones might change your perspective. The sound is great and the Bluetooth range is stellar so you can enjoy your music all throughout the house or studio.


  • Attractive and sleek-looking
  • Battery life
  • Nice case

  • Not exceptionally noteworthy for any reason
  • Uncomfortable compared to competitors

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Sony WH1000XM3

The Best Headphones Ever Made

sony wh1000xm3
Sony WH1000XM3 is without any doubt the best headset on the market. Everything about it is great, from the sound and bass quality to its design and build. Yes, its price is pretty high, but owning the best product in the class is never cheap and these headphones are worth every cent.

Although this Wireless Bluetooth headset doesn’t bring anything revolutionary, the fact is that it comes with a lot of small upgrades in numerous areas compared to its predecessor, resulting in a significantly improved device.

This headset, although made out of plastic, offers great comfortability and a very elegant, ergonomic design. It is packed with various advanced features such as Quick Charge, USB-C connectivity, DAC, analog amplifier, NFC for rapid Bluetooth pairing, even automatic power-off that turns the device off when there is no audio signal.

Sony WH1000XM3 offers crystal clear sound (mostly due to the excellent noise cancellation features), with straightforward mids, and comes with a deep bass that is always at the right levels and never too aggressive. Also, its sound distortions are minimal, while the long-lasting battery allows for up to 30 hours of work.

Sony WH1000XM3 is simply a masterpiece, with numerous features, such as bass that will amaze you for months after the purchase. Therefore, if you can afford it, don’t hesitate even for a second.


  • Amazing sound quality
  • Excellent noise cancellation

  • The not that great call quality

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Skullcandy Crusher

A Bass-Equipped Mid-price Wireless Headset Ideal for Gaming

skullcandy crusher
Wireless headsets, in general, are very practical devices, with much greater freedom than their corded rivals. Of course, this comes at a cost presented through a much higher price, but still, this extra comfortability is worth it.

Skullcandy Crusher is exactly one of those devices that uses Bluetooth wireless connectivity and generally overwhelms you with its simplicity, high comfortability and an altogether nice set of features. They, among others, include fully adjustable bass, equipped with a haptic feedback function, a rechargeable battery that can last up to 40 hours and control buttons that allow for numerous adjustments but are unfortunately too complicated to allow easy operating.

This headset won’t give you a detailed sound with extra levels, but still, the sound that it reproduces is very rich and well-rounded, with a slight accent on the bass that is more than pleasing for the majority of gamers and movie fans.

Sadly, Skullcandy Crusher’s bass isn’t top-notch and as soon as you tune it above the 50%, it will cause trouble, resulting in a messy sound with distorted vocals, dominated drums and a lot of hum coming from the low-frequency sounds. If that is something you can live with and if you are not the fan of max bass tuning anyways, this headset can offer so much, and it generally presents a pleasant experience. Otherwise, better to go for a different option.


  • Comfortable
  • Good battery life

  • Poorly designed controls
  • Terrible haptic bass

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Just a decade ago, noise-cancelling headphones and wireless headphones were the rage, but now there are many different types that may suit your needs better. Choosing the best bass headphones doesn’t need to be difficult once you know what your needs are and have your budget set out.

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