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The Best Dual Monitor Stands and Mounts in 2023

the best dual monitor stands

If you are looking for a proper mounting solution for your “babies” from the best ultra-wide or the best 1440p monitor crowd, you are at the right place. Of course, depending on your appetite and preferences, you are probably thinking about a dual or triple monitor stand.

However, have in mind that in this guide you will be introduced only to the first group, the best dual monitor stands that offer great flexibility and usability, allowing you to get the most for your money.

So, first things first, we will remind you of the important characteristics of the best dual monitor stands, the aspects that are the main reason for their excellence.

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How to Choose the Best Dual Monitor Stand and Mounts

If you are wondering what criteria separates the best dual monitor stands/mounts from the rest of the bunch, read the following lines carefully.


The last thing you need happening to your expensive hardware, such as monitors, is for them to fall and break, or get damaged. For that reason, the sturdiness of the stand is of the essential importance and basically presents the cornerstone of the whole mounting concept.


The more adjustment options the dual monitor stand/mount has, the easier you will find the perfect positioning for your monitors. This includes swiveling and tilting capabilities, plate rotation, etc., the larger the angles that are supported, the better flexibility and value for your money you will get.


A dual stand/mount can offer great design and plenty of options; nevertheless, if it cannot hold the weight of your beloved monitors, it is all for nothing. Therefore, do your homework and be sure that your monitors and the stand can fit together before the purchase.

Best Dual Monitor Stands and Mounts


A Very Good Dual Monitor Stand for the Money

vivo stand-v002
VIVO STAND-V002 is a dual monitor stand with a sturdy build and very good overall capabilities. It is highly versatile and provides the ability to rotate your monitors for 360 degrees, height-adjust them over the center pole, as well as tilt them from 80° to -90° and swivel for up to 180°.

This dual monitor stand allows you to place your monitors into both landscape and portrait mode, it offers VESA compatibility (75x75mm and 100x100mm) and supports monitors from 13” to 27” in size and up to 10 kg of weight (combined), allowing for an almost unlimited number of configurations. More importantly, this stand is very easy to install, it has very good cable management and is fitted with heavy-duty C-clamp that just adds to its already great functionality and versatility.

All in all, if you want a product that will give you a very good value for the money and overall one of the better performances among the best dual monitor stands out there, VIVO STAND-V002 is definitely the thing for you.

  • Easy to mount
  • Very good cable management
  • Excellent versatility
  • It can stand a lot of weight
  • Full rotation capabilities
  • It lacks the individual monitor height adjustment
  • Not the best quality control

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WALI Dual Monitor Stand MF002

A Solid, yet Affordable Dual Monitor Stand

wali dual monitor stand mf002
If you are after a solid, but not too expensive dual monitor stand that will give you great versatility and usability, WALI Dual Monitor Stand MF002 is the product for you.

However, be aware that this isn’t a perfect product and that it has its downsides, and that is its low weight base that is causing monitors to flip over if the stand isn’t anchored to the desk. Nevertheless, that is pretty common for monitor stands in general, especially more affordable ones.

When talking about other aspects of this stand, you should know that it is VESA compatible (75x75mm and 100x100mm), that it can hold monitors that are up to 27” in size and up to 10 kg of weight (combined) and that it comes with numerous adjustment options that will allow you to easily find the perfect positioning for your monitors.

WALI Dual Monitor Stand MF002 comes with a 16” pole that allows for an easy height adjustment, arms that offer 180° tilt, and the ability to place the monitors in either landscape or portrait mode, as well as rotate them by up to 360°.

To resume, WALI Dual Monitor Stand MF002 is one hell of an option and certainly, one of the best dual monitors mounts out there, with a few drawbacks here and there.

  • Easy to adjust
  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy
  • A solid cable management
  • A bit unstable base

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HUANUO Dual Monitor Desk Stand

Excellence in a Sturdy Package

huanuo dual monitor desk stand
HUANUO Dual Monitor Desk Stand is affordable and well-built dual monitor stand, with excellent functionality and usability that makes it a solid option for gamers, developers, and the whole assortment of users that are dependent on the two-monitor configuration.

It is built out of high-quality steel and aluminum and overall delivers a pretty sturdy construction that is suitable for monitors from 13” to 32” in size and with a weight of up to 8 kg (each). Of course, similar to many other stands, this one also requires additional support and needs to be either screwed or bolted down to the desk.

HUANUO Dual Monitor Desk Stand is VESA compatible and supports both 75x75mm and 100x100mm pattern. Moreover, it offers great versatility that is presented through its plate ability to be rotated by 360° and tilted by 180°, as well as the existence of the gas spring mechanism that allows for an easy height adjustment. Other than that, this stand is also fitted with the movable arms that can be swiveled by 180° as well as neat cable management that will allow you to make a perfect configuration with ease.

To make a long story short, if you want one of the best dual monitor stands on the market, HUANUO Dual Monitor Desk Stand will certainly be up to your standards and much more.

  • Gas spring mechanism
  • Highly adjustable
  • Very good customer service
  • Easy to install
  • Not that stable

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A Highly Functional and Affordable Dual Monitor Stand

wali m002
If you are after an affordable, but efficient dual monitor stand that will deliver plenty of functionality and gives decent value for the money, WALI M002 is the device for you.

With this dual mount, you will get a highly pleasing tool for mounting two monitors that are up to 27” in size and up to 10 kilograms of weight each, as well as ability to easily place your monitors in an ideal position, which comes as the result of this stand’s great capabilities that include the possibility for 360° rotation, 180° tilt and swivel and height adjustment over the 16” height pole.

WALI M002 stand is VESA compatible (75x75mm and 100x100mm); it allows for both landscape and portrait monitor positioning and offers multiple locking mechanisms that include 4” diameter Grommet-Base and C-Clamp that will keep your monitors safe, holding them firmly on your desk.

Altogether, WALI M002 is a solid dual monitor mount, with plenty of options and great versatility that will please even the most demanding ones among our readers.

  • Affordable
  • Excellent versatility
  • It can hold a lot of weight
  • Easy setup
  • Very good customer service
  • Not the best build quality
  • A bit flimsy
  • It lacks individual monitor height adjustment

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Mount-It! MI-2752

A Great Value and Versatility in One

mount-it! mi-2752
Mount-It! MI-2752 is a very practical and easy to use dual monitor stand that can hold up to two 10kg monitors and allow for a simple way to position your monitors in a way you like.

This monitor stand is VESA compatible (75x75mm or 100x100mm); it comes along with a C-clamp and grommet base for sturdy installation and offers great versatility of the mounting arms that can tilt and swivel by 180°, individually rotate, allowing positioning of your monitor in landscape or portrait mode, as well as be raised or lowered over the 17’ long pole.

More importantly, Mount-It! MI-2752 offers very good build quality and overall great sturdiness that are backed with its five-year warranty. Moreover, it offers solid cable management, has good customer service and on top of everything, it is affordable.

In other words, it has everything that the best dual monitor stand should have.

  • Five-year warranty
  • Very good customer service
  • Well-made and sturdy
  • Affordable
  • Easy to assemble
  • A bit loose joints

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AmazonBasics Premium Stand

A Sturdy, High-Quality Dual Monitor Stand

amazonbasics premium dual monitor stand
AmazonBasics Premium Dual Monitor Stand is a simple-to-use monitor stand that provides great versatility to its users, whether they are gamers, artists, or developers. It is attractive-looking, made out of aluminum that gives it additional sturdiness and overall pretty solidly built.

Moreover, it is VESA compatible (75x75mm and 100x100mm) and easy to install, but more importantly, capable of holding two monitors, with up to 10 kg of weight each. Its retractable arms deliver great flexibility and allow for 75° tilting, as well as an easy rotation from portrait to landscape mode and vice versa helping you find the perfect positioning for your monitors.

AmazonBasics Premium Dual Monitor Stand comes with a one-year warranty and overall offers a lot. However, its price is a bit over the top. Therefore, if you want some of the best dual monitor mounts out there, have in mind that this one offers great performance, but a hefty price tag as well.

  • Stable
  • Flexible
  • It can hold a lot of weight
  • Easy installation
  • Attractive looking
  • Expensive
  • A bit tricky to tighten
  • Not the best quality control

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Excellent Performance and Sturdiness at a Reasonable Price

wali gswm002
If you are seeking good flexibility, sturdiness and the price in your new monitor stand/mount WALI GSWM002 is the right thing for you. This a dual monitor wall mount that offers a solid build, good looks, and most importantly, good performance.

It is able to hold monitors that are up to 27” in size and weigh up to 6.5kg (each), giving a solid foundation for a variety of configurations. WALI GSWM002 can be easily adjusted due to its gas spring mechanism, as well as its 120° tilting and 180° swiveling capability, and 360° rotation that allows for the easy monitor positioning in both landscape and portrait mode.

WALI GSWM002 is VESA compatible (75x75mm or 100x100mm) and can be placed on both brick and wood walls. It is fairly priced and offers very much for your money.

Overall, WALI GSWM002 is an exceptional choice and will definitely give you everything you would expect from the best dual monitor wall mount and much more, allowing you to get the best possible value for your money.

  • Good versatility
  • Sturdy build
  • A solid cable management
  • Nice looking
  • Fairly priced
  • Good customer service
  • A bit bulky and flimsy
  • Not the best quality control
  • Tricky setup

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Loctek Dual Monitor Arm D5D

The Best Dual Monitor Arm on the Market

loctek dual monitor arm d5d
Loctek Dual Monitor Arm D5D is a reasonably priced dual monitor arm, with everything that a developer or a devoted gamer might need.

It boasts VESA compatibility (75x75mm or 100x100mm), solid cable management, as well as numerous adjustment options. Both of its arms can be moved up or down, in a variety of combinations and rotated by 360° allowing for a portrait or a landscape mode. Moreover, they can hold monitors that are up to 27” in size and weigh up to 5 kg (each), giving you a decent level of flexibility.

Loctek Dual Monitor Arm D5D is equipped with a gas spring mechanism for easier movement and offers easy installation that makes it practical for a wide variety of users. More importantly, these arms are very durable, they come with a three-year warranty and offer support for both clamp and grommet installation.

All in all, if you are after the best dual monitor arms on the market, Loctek Dual Monitor Arm D5D should certainly be among your top picks.

  • Sturdy
  • Easy to install
  • Very flexible
  • Good cable management
  • Three-year warranty
  • A bit flimsy
  • Not the best quality control

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EleTab ELTGM01-2

A Flexible and Cool-Looking Dual Monitor Arm

eletab eltgm01-2
EleTab ELTGM01-2 is an attractive-looking and highly practical dual monitor arm that offers everything that could be expected from that sort of product.

It delivers great versatility, due to its 360° rotation and 180° tilt and swivel capabilities; it is easy to install and it provides a pretty sturdy construction that should be capable of coping with monitors that are up to 32” in size and weigh up to 8 kg (each).

However, the last count should be taken with a level of precaution, because there are numerous claims of 30” or larger sized screens flipping over when installed on these mounting arms. In other words, official specifications might have been a bit exaggerated; therefore, observe EleTab ELTGM01-2 more as a 27” mounting tool and you will have no trouble with it.

When talking about other characteristics of this mounting arms, have in mind that this device uses a spring system for its up and down movement, that it is VESA compatible (75x75mm or 100x100mm), and that it supports either C-Clamp or Grommet Mount.

In other words, EleTab ELTGM01-2 is apparently a pretty good deal; however, obviously, it has its issues considering allowed monitor size. Therefore, if you have 27” monitors or smaller, this mounting arm is a great option; if not, some other mounting stand is definitely a much better choice.

  • Very sturdy
  • A decent cable management
  • Easy to install
  • Nice looking
  • Good versatility
  • Not the best customer support
  • It is not really capable of holding 30” size monitors or larger

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HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand

A Good-Quality Dual-Monitor Stand

huanuo dual monitor stand

HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand is a practical and versatile dual-monitor stand that helps you find the perfect monitor positioning with ease. This monitor stand is well-built, and it offers very good adjustment capabilities, due to the dual-arms, with 180° swivel and 360° rotation capability, as well as a tilting function that allows tilting from -30°, up to +85°.

Above all, this monitor stand can support weight of up to 12kg and can handle monitors that are up to 35” in size. In addition, it is also VESA compatible and supports both 75 x 75mm and 100 x 100 mm VESA standards.

HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand comes with very nice cable management and features a C-clamp and grommet mounting base that allow easy mounting. Also, both of its mounting arms are fitted with a gas spring mechanism that supports more than 25000 movement cycles.

In other words, everything needed for the best monitor setup is there, and all that’s left is to buy one of these beauties.

  • Excellent adjustment options
  • Cable management
  • Good-quality build
  • Gas spring monitor arms
  • Not the best instructions

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Vari Dual-Monitor

A Very Good Dual-Monitor Stand

vari dual-monitor stand

Vari Dual-Monitor is an easy-to-use dual-monitor stand, with very good durability, and most importantly, excellent adjustability. In other words, if you are seeking a dual-monitor stand that supports a 360-degree rotation, and can be tilted and adjusted on multiple levels, this is the device for you.

This stand supports monitors up to 27” in size and up to 9 kg in weight. Moreover, it is compatible with both 75 x 75mm and 100 x 100 mm VESA standards and allows for an easy assembly that shouldn’t take more than a few minutes of your time.

Vari Dual-Monitor stand is a perfect option for a limited space, due to its height adjustment function, and can be be placed on almost any desk with equal success. Therefore, if you are after one of the best dual-monitor stands out there, you may be sure that the Vari Dual-Monitor stand is more than a good option.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Great adjustability
  • A very good option for small tables
  • Not the best fit for large-size monitors

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If you’re ready to make your own life easier with a new dual monitor stand, by now you should have a very good idea of what you can get and how much you’ll spend on it. Review the list once again, narrow it down, and then you’ll be ready for shopping!

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