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The Best DVD Players in 2023

best dvd players

Technology is constantly progressing and many of the things people enjoyed in the past, are now forgotten, or significantly lost their importance. An ideal example of that is DVD players that used to be an essential part of any home multimedia centre and now are long past their prime.

Nevertheless, there are still a lot of people who don’t want to give up on their DVD collections and are still looking for the best DVD player that will give them the proper video reproduction and possibly even better overall multimedia experience.

Of course, there are many devices, with different characteristics, and if you are not fully committed to the whole video reproduction thing, it may be a bit stressful to make a proper decision on what DVD player to purchase. For that reason, this guide will help you focus on the important aspects and allow you to get the DVD player possible.

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How to Choose the Best DVD Player

There are a few aspects you have to keep on your mind when deciding for the ideal video recorder and they include the following:


Upscaling feature, USB reproduction and Dolby Audio support are just some of the features that can make your whole DVD player experience much more enjoyable. Although they are not essential, they can make a drastic impact and completely change the whole multimedia experience. For that reason, do a bit of research and see what type of benefits certain feature brings and choose the best DVD player according to your findings.

Supported formats

DVD players are, before anything else, made to reproduce audio CDs and DVDs, but there are also many models that support AVI, Xvid, WMA and other video and audio formats. In other words, for a small difference in price, you can get yourself a real multimedia centre. It’s a different if you need it strictly for DVD playback, but let be honest, nobody does.


More different outputs mean better connection options, or in other words, greater versatility, which is always a bonus. Therefore, if it is possible, choose a device with at least two different connection types.

DVD Region support

Although it may sound strange, not all DVD players are born equal. Because of copyrights, certain DVD players allow for the reproduction of DVDs from only specific regions. In other words, if a DVD player supports only for Region 1 DVDs, it means it will reproduce only the discs made for the USA, Canada and Bahama market, and won’t, for instance, support UK DVDs

For that reason, it is most advisable to go for the device that supports all region DVDs and that way save yourself the trouble.

7 Best DVD Players

Sony DVPSR210P

An Affordable Device with Basic Features

sony dvpsr210p
If you are looking for a basic DVD player that will be used only for DVD watching or listening to your favorite MP3s, Sony DVPSR210P is a good, cheap option for you.

Revoked of many advanced features and with a few limitations, which include support for only region 1 DVDs (USA, Canada, etc.) and restricted connectivity (there are only composite, component and coaxial outputs), this DVD player is literary just that. If you want movie upscaling, USB connectivity or any other premium feature, you will have to choose something else.

Sony DVPSR210P DVD Player allows for 480p video reproduction and supports DVD, CD, MP3 and JPEG playback. Also, it can handle subtitles and foreign language audio and supports Dolby audio.

In other words, if you are looking for the best DVD player for your needs, Sony DVPSR210P can be sufficient only if basic DVD playing is your only requirement.

  • Cheap
  • A bit slow
  • No USB and HDMI output
  • It support only region 1 DVDs

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Panasonic DVD-S700

A Highly Versatile DVD Player that Will Satisfy Anyone

panasonic dvd-s700
In contrast to Sony DVPSR210P, Panasonic DVD-S700 DVD player offers plenty of features and overall a great user experience that won’t leave anyone indifferent.

It has good connectivity, which includes HDMI and composite output, it allows for USB media content playback and more importantly, it supports for all-region DVD reproduction. Also, it allows for a smooth DVD, CD, MP3 and JPEG playback and supports Dolby Digital sound.

Similar to all the modern DVDs, Panasonic DVD-S700 has a handy upscaling feature that improves the image quality of lower resolution videos and makes them more appropriate for watching in 1080p, and also allows for an easy and trouble-free user experience.

With a slick black design and overall great performance that is followed by a nice set of features, this DVD has everything that the best DVD player should be. Altogether, it presents an ideal option for a large base of users.

  • Easy to use
  • Video upscaling
  • Great connectivity
  • Support for all DVD regions
  • A bit more expensive

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A DVD Player that Gives You Everything You Need

lg dp132h
LG DP132H DVD player is a device that combines great versatility, with good connectivity and more than a decent set of features, into a highly appealing product, attractive for a large number of users.

It supports all region DVDs and offers playback of various media formats – among others, AVI, Xvid, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, etc. Also, it features 1080p upscaling, but more importantly, it comes with a unique USB Direct Recording feature that allows for CD audio ripping and transfer of the gained files to the USB.

LG DP132H comes with a one-year warranty and is supplied with both composite and HDMI output. Along with that, it offers numerous features which include Last scene memory and Parental lock, as well as support for Dolby Digital.

Altogether, LG DP132H is definitely among the best DVD players available, and although it is the more proper option for Full HD screens, it can also be a fairly good asset for 4K TVs, giving them additional versatility and usability. Overall, it’s a product that delivers great value for the user, even if its price is a bit higher.

  • Good connectivity
  • USB Direct Recording
  • Support for various media formats
  • Pricey

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Majority Scholars Compact DVD Player

Best Value Compact DVD Player

majority scholars compact dvd player
If you’re looking for a compact, dirt-cheap yet competent DVD player, the Majority Scholars would definitely fit the bill. Even if you’ve never heard of the brand before, this compact DVD player is surprisingly good for the money, as in it’s feature-packed, well-built and pretty nice looking, though if you still watch DVDs in 2020 you probably don’t care much about optics.

All jokes aside, the retail package is impressive, as the Majority Scholars arrives with HDMI and RCA cables, which is quite nice at this price point, plus a remote control and, most importantly, a formidable 3-year warranty. Moreover, the DVD player is region free, which means you can play DVD’s from all parts of the world.

We must also mention that the Scholars DVD features 4K and 1080p upscaling, so yeah, if you’re looking for a no-nonsense DVD player that does it all, the Majority Scholars comes highly recommended.

  • Amazing value for money
  • Region free
  • 4K and 1080p upscaling
  • HDMI/RCA cables included
  • None really at this price

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Craig CVD401a

An Affordable DVD Player with a Good Set of Features

craig cvd401a
Low price is a primary factor that attracts customers, and when you combine it with a nice set of features and good connectivity, you get a winning combination and a product such a Craig CVD401a DVD player. This is a highly versatile and compact device, with 1080p upscaling feature, zoom function and Progressive Scan.

Craig CVD401a supports Dolby audio and offers a fairly nice connectivity (there is a component, composite and HDMI output), but unfortunately lacks the USB connectivity, which would make this device the best cheap DVD player available, without any doubt.

Nevertheless, this device is an excellent solution for people looking for a compact, but an efficient multimedia player that will satisfy the majority of their demands.

  • Cheap
  • Compact
  • Good connectivity
  • No USB output
  • Short 90-day warranty

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Impecca DVHP9117

A Highly Usable DVD Player Ideal for Every Household

impecca dvhp9117
If a good combination of functions, price and connectivity are the main things you pay your attention to when buying a DVD player, you should seriously consider purchasing the Impecca DVHP9117. This is a highly versatile and super-fast DVD player (it needs only about 10 seconds to load the disk), with support for various audio and video formats (AVI, Xvid, WMA, etc.).

Along with that, Impecca DVHP9117 comes with a USB playback function, Progressive Scan, 1080p upscaling, as well as Anti-shock protection, Multi-angle viewing and support for various subtitle formats.

Unfortunately, there is no Dolby audio support, which is rather disappointing, but on the other hand, there is good connectivity, which includes composite, coaxial and HDMI outputs.

Overall, if you want a decent DVD player that aspires to be in the group of best DVD players, Impecca DVHP9117 is the right deal for you.

  • Super-fast performance
  • Great subtitle support
  • Support for various media formats
  • No Dolby audio support

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Tojock DVD Player with HDMI AV Output

A Cheap DVD Player For Everyday Use

tojock dvd player with hdmi av output
Low price is a big incentive to try relatively unknown brands like Tojock, and this is also the case with our next pick. This Tojock DVD player is very affordable, and comes with all the bells and whistles required for a seamless home-theater experience: remote control included in the retail package, as well as HDMI and RCA cables, plus it’s region free, i.e. you can play any type of disc, regardless of its provenience.

Moreover, this DVD player is incredibly easy to use, and also small and compact; everything’s a plug and play kind of deal, and for something like $50 give or take, the Tojock is very easy to recommend.

  • Good picture quality
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with remote and cables
  • USB input
  • 90-days full refund
  • None at this price

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Yes, DVD players are considered to be a matter of the past, but who would want to just throw away all of those great movies and music discs that you have been collecting for years? Instead, just pick one of the players from our list (according to what you plan to do with it) and you’ll be good to go!

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