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The Ideal Streaming Cam for Beginners

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Logitech Streamcam is a versatile and well-built streaming camera, with excellent image quality and performance perfect for Livestreaming beginners. This is a practical and easy-to-use device, with excellent flexibility and numerous handy features such as multiple mounting options, capable software, and fast USB3.1 connectivity. In other words, every important ingredient for the best streaming camera is there.


Connectivity: Wired (USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C)
Image resolution: 2.1 Megapixels
Microphone: Dual omnidirectional mic with noise reduction filter
Mounting Options: L-shape joint or Tripod
Weight: 222 grams
Dimensions: Deep 61 mm, Height 58 mm, Width 48 mm


Logitech Streamcam is a streaming cam that is fast and reliable, and more importantly, that offers an excellent 60fps 1080p performance. In addition, it is compatible with both Windows and Mac machines, as well as optimized for the OBS and Xsplit software, which may be of major importance for live streamers. Also, Logitech Streamcam comes with an accurate smart auto-focus and exposure, as well as auto face tracking that is another reason for more than a pleasing image quality.

Logitech Streamcam can be used in both landscape and portrait mode, due to the 90° movement ability and offers good mounting capabilities that involve both monitor and tripod mounting options. More importantly, this camera is fitted with a 2.1MP lens, it has a focal length of 3.7mm and supports a 78-degree field of view, which isn’t much; however, it is good enough for more than a solid image.

When talking about the microphone, Logitech Streamcam is equipped with a decent dual omnidirectional mic, with a noise reduction filter that doesn’t do miracles; nonetheless, it provides satisfying results for the majority of users.

Logitech Streamcam also comes with an appropriate Logitech Capture software that allows for numerous adjustments and customization, and offers great flexibility, letting you make the perfect video with ease. Simply, everything needed for the creation of solid streaming content is there.

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One of the crucial reasons the Logitech Streamcam is so good for newbies in the Livestream world, is its ease of use. The software that comes with it is intuitive and straightforward, allowing quick adjustments, while the quality of the RAW footage is in class with the best capture devices on the market.

Video footage has a great color balance, there is also good autofocus that results in a clear image, while the background noise is limited to the minimum and noticeable only in not-well-lit surroundings, which is the only detail you have to pay attention to during filming.

You can use OBS and XSplit for recording and streaming, as well as combine them with the Logitech Capture software that doesn’t have the power of the first two; nonetheless, as mentioned, it provides great flexibility and ease of use that may be crucial for many users. In addition, this software also offers some additional features, such as the ability to change the resolution, exposure, make color corrections, image stabilization, white balance, etc., making it more than a handy tool.


Logitech Streamcam is a stylish, well-built device available in black and light gray, and with a more traditional, yet unique look, with two mounting options (flip-out arm, with a smaller foot for monitor mounting and a small tabletop tripod) that make this camera a highly versatile one.

The front part of the Logitech Streamcam is fitted with a fabric cover, with a LED indicator on the top-right corner and Logi logo at the bottom of the device, while the entire camera is made out of good-quality plastic that gives it a bit of a premium touch.

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In other words, Logitech Streamcam is a pretty good streaming camera that brings an excellent 60 fps video quality, with crisp and smooth image and great versatility that is presented through the multiple mounting options, as well as a ton of recording options that let you create perfect content with ease.

To make things even better, this camera also brings a great appearance, has a free software with plenty of options, as well as many useful features, such as the ability to rotate and allow for vertical videos, which is another of its finest qualities.


If you are after one of the best webcams out there, Logitech Streamcam is a camera that you should seriously consider.

However, that doesn’t mean that there are no drawbacks with this device. To begin with, there is the high price, as well as the lack of the streaming capability of its Logitech Capture software, while its cable is a fixed one, which limits its overall usability a bit.

In addition, Logitech Streamcam also lacks a privacy cover, but more importantly, it can create a bit of a noisy image in lower-light conditions, which certainly isn’t something to be cheerful about.

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Final Thoughts

Logitech Streamcam has a lot to offer, yet has its issues here and there. However, in reality, they don’t make much of a difference.

Simply, this camera is designed for streamers and content creators that are looking for good image quality and a decent level of flexibility in every field, and Logitech Streamcam finds itself very well fitted for that role. Smooth 60fps video footage, along with the stylish looks and the ease of use – this is a winning combination in the web camera market and Logitech has figured that out and created a highly capable camera that should satisfy most of your needs.

For that reason, if you are a professional content maker, have a lot of online meetings, or simply want to create good-quality content, Logitech Streamcam is a great choice for you and one of the best webcams you can find on the market that only requires for a decent ring light to give you the best performance possible, as it should be the case with the camera of this class.

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