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Logitech Z625 Review

logitech z625 review

If you’re looking to buy a pair of solid gaming speakers, today’s your lucky day: here comes the Logitech Z625 review!

The thing about Logitech is that they’re basically the granddaddy of computer peripherals, and the Z625 is their best to date 2.1 speaker system, which is obviously great news for multi-media enthusiasts,

Speaking of multi-media, the Z625 are THX certified, and even if some audiophile-grade readers may cringe while reading THX, this “feature” is more than a marketing gimmick.

As in, it actually seems to mean (do) something in real-life experience, but more on that in a jiffy.

The tl;dr version of this review is that the Logitech Z625 is arguably one of the best 2.1 computer speaker system on the market today, and it delivers a lot of bang for the proverbial buck asked.

Speaking of which, this mini monster can be yours for less than $200, and that makes it unbeatable in terms of value for money.

What it is

To make a long story short, the Logitech Z625 is an excellent 2.1 computer speaker system, with THX certification and capable of realigning your brain patterns if you’re into drum and bass.

More precisely, this is basically an upgrade to the hugely popular Logitech Z623, i.e. Z625 = Z623 + optical input.

That’s about it. Cut and dried. Everything else in the Z625 is pretty much the same. The addition of the optical input makes this speaker system very smart-home-friendly, as in you can hook it up easily to your gaming console or TV, which makes it more efficient/versatile compared to its predecessor.

So, this is a pretty powerful 2.1 audio system that consists of an impressive 400 watts peak-power subwoofer and 2 tiny satellites.

Technical Specifications

  • Total watts (Peak): 400 W
  • Total watts (RMS): 200 W
  • Subwoofer: 130 W
  • Satellites: 2 x 35 W
  • Optical input: 1
  • 0.14 in (3.5 mm) inputs: 2
  • RCA input: 1
  • Headphone jack: 1
  • Controls: Power, volume and bass controls on right speaker

Detailed Review

logitech z625 front view

Let’s face it: finding a decent computer speaker system is not easy. The Logitech Z625 is absolutely perfect if you’re shopping for casual gaming and movie watching, especially the latter due to the THX thing.

However, these speakers also perform impressively well with music, provided you pair them with a high-quality Audio card or an external DAC. Also, even if the optical input may not sound like much, this innocuous addition makes for a higher quality connectivity option, which translates into better sound.

Weighing approximately 20 pounds altogether, this 2.1 speaker system delivers a whopping 200 watts RMS total, which means each speaker is rated at 35 watts RMS, and the sub can squirt out 130 watts. We don’t know how “real” this metric is, but truth be told, these babies have a big sound, even if the speakers are relatively tiny and lightweight.

Due to sheer power alone, you will never have to sacrifice loudness for clarity with the Logitech Z625, and that’s something important in my book.

For movie aficionados, the THX certification used to be the golden standard in cinema, and the Z625 are built with rigorous testing for ample power, deep bass and trusted performance, in order to create a cinema-like atmosphere at home.

So, these speakers are labeled as “Powerful THX Sound”,and boy are they ever powerful!

THX certification means 20 to 20KHZ and THX speakers have to undergo more than 400 tests before a speaker is certified. THX is certified for sound quality alone, and Lucas Films refused to release STAR WARS in any theatre that is not certified THX, so go figure!

I hooked these speakers up to my PC, as well as my PS4 through an external sound card and they are just fabulous speakers for movies and gaming.

The subwoofer on the floor pounds out bass that is impressive and with 400 watts of power, hearing explosions Cinemax style is no longer a problem. The only issue you’ll ever encounter is with your neighbors or your parents/roommates.

In terms of SQ, highs and mids are very crisp, provided you juice up these speakers from a good source (high quality sound-card/DAC and FLACs, 320k MP3s).

Bass will hit you in the chest at high volumes, and that’s awesome if you’re into modern music. These speakers do require a little adjustment on the equalizer to get the perfect sound, but then again what speakers don’t?

Another thing worth mentioning is that the sound is very in your face, as in very close, i.e. the sound field is intimate.

This is a speaker of the times, and it’s 2021 baby. Now, they back off and lack just a little bit on the high end, but the bass is unstoppable. Again, this is a speaker of the times, and if you’re into modern music, this is all you could ever want in this life for peanuts money.

However, if you like a little Jim Croce and America, it’s not bad there either, because the mid-range is so vibrant and colorful. And that comes in for what I was saying about “close”.

It’s the middle part of a mix that carries intimacy and presence. These speakers have that. I would have to guess that “rock and roll” types, like Rush fans and maybe Genesis fans, would be a little disappointed here simply because the complexity of that music needs a strong high end to explain itself.

Neil and Phil would love it, though. The kick drum is definitely in the house. No, that’s not a modern term. I mean, it sounds like the kick drum is in your house, and I’m being dead serious here.

For the price of the speakers, it’s absolutely ludicrous that you can get this much fidelity. The value here is enormous.

I have used the Z625 to listen to all kinds of music, to watch movies, and other various audio-related tasks on my PC.

Especially for multimedia aficionados, it’s pretty obvious that these speakers are THX Certified because they feel close to being in a movie theater when it comes to movies that really get the best out of the sub.

logitech z625 with cables

Since we’re talking THX certification, the movies is where these speakers really excel. Car chases, explosions, everything in movies sounds great on the Z625, and the big subwoofer is perfectly capable of producing window-rattling lows and peel the paint off your walls. If you crank the volume all the way up, you may notice a little bit of cabinet reverb, but if you tinker a bit with the bass control on the back of the sub and the equalizer settings, you’ll find the perfect spot in no time.

Also, despite the speakers’ powerful bass, you’ll see that dialogues aren’t muddled either, and truth be told, these speakers will make a big impression due to the fact that nobody expects Logitech, a company that usually manufactures mice and keyboards, to do so well in terms of SQ.

As I already told you, these speakers deliver the sound that the audio engineer who worked on the film, game or album, wanted for you to hear. The THX certification is a very difficult standard to earn (there are just a few speaker models to display the THX logo), so by purchasing a system with this certification guarantees the absolute best audio imaginable for multimedia.

The Z625 will not disappoint in gaming either, due to their crystal clear audio quality, well-defined midranges and hard bass that makes you feel like you’re where the action is. Gaming experience with these speakers can be very immersive and otherworldly, as you will literally feel air piercing bullets flying above your head and bombs blowing up tanks and whatnot.

Keep the sound low or you’ll end up raided by SWAT teams, and I’m not even joking here.

Bottom line

The Logitech Z625 are amazing speakers for home-cinema aficionados and gamers alike. Also, if you’re into music with boomy bass, the Z625 are a match made in heaven. Even if audiophiles would enjoy a more balanced sound stage and clearer instrument separation, keep in mind these speakers cost less than $200. For that kind of money, it doesn’t get any better, believe me.

  • Great audio detail
  • THX certified
  • 200 Watts of Power
  • Cinematic quality sound
  • No distortion at high levels
  • Various inputs/outputs
  • Sleek compact design
  • Trusted brand
  • No Bluetooth
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