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PlayStation Now on PC. What You Need to Know

playstation now on pc

No console? No problem! Get started with PlayStation Now on PC. All you need is a PlayStation Network account and a suitable controller. Stream the complete PS Now game library on your Windows PC With over 800 games available for you on demand.

Save your game progress to the PS Now cloud and continue playing on your Windows PC, PS5, or PS4 wherever you login in, as it is available in more than 20 countries now. Let’s discuss what you need to know about PlayStation Now on PC.

PlayStation Now on PC

PC vs. Console gaming is a widely discussed topic in the gaming world, but won’t it be better if you could play games from both devices?

PlayStation Now is a game subscription service with over 800 games to choose from for the players. PS Now allows you to quickly stream PS4, PS3, and PS2 games on your PS5, PS4, and PC. Additionally, you can download hundreds of PS4 games to your PS5 or PS4 console, all for $9.99 per month.

playstation now pricing

You can enjoy PlayStation Now on your PC by following a few simple steps. And you can get all of the games you can to play on the PS, with the bonus of playing them with your DualShock Controller.

How to Play PlayStation Now on PC

To start streaming games, download the PC app, log in to your PS account, and make sure that you have an active PS Now membership (you can also access the 7-day free trial).

You must also make sure that your PC meets the minimum requirements. However, we do not think that would be a problem for almost anyone.

  • Windows Version: 7, 8.1 or 10
  • CPU: Core i3 2.0 GHz minimum
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Available Storage: 300 MB
  • Sound Card; USB port
  • A broadband connection with atleast 5Mbps download speed (ideally 12+ Mbps).

Which Controllers Are Suitable for PS Now?

To put it a simple way, you’ll need a PlayStation controller to play games on PS Now. Unfortunately, third-party controllers that have their own benefits are not supported by the app. So, the PC controller that resembles a PlayStation controller will not work with PlayStation Now games. This is quite a problem, especially considering some of the problems that PS controller owners have experienced historically.

All of the games on PlayStation Now can be played with the PS4 or PS5 DualShock wireless controllers. A wired micro-USB to USB-A or a Bluetooth connection can connect the pad to the PC. You can learn to save the battery life in your PS5 Controller by using our guide for those long play sessions.

DualShock 3 controllers can also be used on a PC. However, they will only work with PlayStation 3 games. If you want to play PS4 games, you’ll need the PlayStation 4 controller.

Finding the Right Game

PlayStation Now on PC lacks a search option, which is a glaring flaw. You only have one screen to search for the title you’re looking for. There are various categories of games at the top of the page, including any added to your list.

All of the games are alphabetically sorted, split by each letter, as you scroll down the page. To find all the titles that start with the letter A, scroll left and right. It means you’ll have to cycle through all of them to get the one you want, which can be a nuisance if you’re looking for something easy to do.

With over 800 games to choose from, knowing what you want to play before you start exploring is a good idea. If you cycle through the games without picking what you want to play first, you may still come upon some great treasures.

How to Cancel Your PlayStation Now PC Subscription

The procedures are essentially the same whether you’re turning off the auto-renew of PS now or PS plus on a PC, smartphone, or PS console. Follow the steps below to cancel your PS Now subscription.

  • Visit the official PlayStation website and log in using your PlayStation account.
  • After signing in to your account, look for the Subscription menu item and open it.
  • You’ll have to choose which subscriptions you want to cancel. Choose PS Now, for example, if you want to cancel PS Now on your PC.
  • Then choose Turn Off Auto-Renew to stop the subscription from renewing.
  • As is customary, another little confirmation window will appear on your screen, prompting you to select the YES button, indicating that you are sure you want to cancel the subscription.


Hopefully, you have learned everything there is to know about installing and canceling PS Now on your PC. It’s a fantastic service that runs smoothly, even on an entry-level PC (as long as you have a decent internet connection).

Suppose you are not a huge fan of PlayStation and want to play games on a different platform. In that case, you should look into some of the top Cloud gaming vs. PC gaming options, which allow you to directly play or stream games from a range of other devices.

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