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Every time you watch a movie or play your favorite game you want it to look and sound more realistic. The same with music – we all want it to be as much immersive as it is possible. Well, the general picture is not under our control, but as to the lush sound – here we can give you several useful tips.

Obviously, the most effective way to feel the whole spectrum of music would be a ticket for a live concert. But we can offer you something different. These are top-notch speakers which will serve you both as your personal mini-cinema and at the same time entry to the stage of the live concert.

Our list of the best computer speakers includes budget options as well as expensive speaker sets. There are also 2.1 desktop speakers and those which can be easily called an integral part of your interior.

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How to Choose the Best Computer Speakers


Obviously, all speakers differ in price. Some of them will attract you with their only $20 price, while others will make you feel extremely cautious – but who won’t be suspicious while buying a $500 speaker set? The main rule here is not to run to extremes. Cheap is not a synonym for bad as well as pricey is not always a warranty of durability.

There good models under $100, such as Edifier Exclaim e10 or Creative Pebble Plus, which will provide you with decent sound quality. Still, if you have no budget squeeze then why not to choose something like Audioengine A5+?

Usually, high price includes not only great sound but also stylish design and durable materials. Extra options, like Bluetooth can be also offered.


Here comes the next point to take into account. What do you need speakers for? Note that some models are great at highs while others have no rivals in lows. Besides, keep in mind that some speaker systems are aimed only at near-field listening.

Technical Peculiarities

Desktop speakers are seldom portable. Thus, they mostly have a 3.5mm audio cable to connect to your PC. Some models have special spaces where wires can be kept and hidden as well as cutaways to accommodate them. Pay attention whether the cable is long enough and sturdy because wires often turn to be a weak point of speaker systems. Some speaker sets can be also used wirelessly with a smartphone or tablet. It is possible only if there is a Bluetooth option. Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as USB interface, can be also available.

Nowadays there are two main types of desktop speakers – 2.0 (with stereo) and 2.1 (with stereo and a subwoofer) systems. Here the difference is not only in sound quality but also in space required for speakers. As to 2.1 systems, they consist of two smaller satellite speakers and a separate subwoofer, which is good at bass. Thanks to a subwoofer, 2.1 desktop speakers provide louder and more immersive sound what would be perfect for gaming or movies.

Speaking of 2.0 speaker systems, they deliver clearer and tighter sound with more details. By the by, some 2.0 speakers have a special output connector for a subwoofer. So, if there is a need you can easily add one to your system.

Best Computer Speakers

Logitech Z623

The Best computer Speakers for Bass

logitech z623 - Best computer speakers for bass
Searching for the best PC speakers, don’t miss a chance to have a look at Logitech Z623 speaker system. These desktop speakers have 330W total system power. There is 130W subwoofer and 100W per satellite which provide necessary quality level for different purposes – games, music and videos.

Two satellite speakers have front-firing and sealed 2.5-inch drivers for bold sound. For rich and full-bodied bass Logitech Z623 speaker system has a 7-inch bass reflex subwoofer. Note that these computer speakers have also passed THX certification. Thus it’s a strong proof that this speaker system provides top-notch sound quality, which can be offered by any decent cinema.

Compatibility of these speakers is high and covers not only computers but also music players, TVs and DVD players. Other audio resources with 3.5mm or RCA audio output can be connected to Logitech Z623 speaker system, too. As to PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii they are also supported by them. The only thing to keep in mind is that Wii will be compatible with Logitech Z623 only if you use console A/V cable.

For better functioning, Logitech Z623 has got integrated controls. It allows you to dial the volume and bass up or down in order to customize your listening experience.
One more pleasant bonus about these computer speakers is their price. This set costs only $130 what is very reasonable for such range of options and quality. So if you need a cheap speaker set then be sure that Logitech Z623 is one of the best budget computer speakers you can find nowadays.

  • great deep bass
  • bass control on the satellite
  • high compatibility
  • low price
  • THX certification
  • no remote control
  • hardwired cables can be a weak link
  • subwoofer is hard to position

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Audioengine A5+

The Best Performing Computer Speakers

audioengine a5 - Best performing computer speakers
These are 7 kilograms of clear and crisp sound. Unlike previous computer speakers Audioengine A5+ speaker system is not cheap and costs approximately $400. For this price you will get 5-inch custom Kevlar woofers and 20mm silk dome tweeters. Hand-built cabinets are also included.

Audioengine A5+ system offers a remote control and improved thermal management. There are also dual audio inputs. Thus, you can add a subwoofer to the variable output and even charge any iDevice using USB power port. Bear in mind that connection of these PC speakers to computer’s headphone jack or their pairing with a USB DAC will allow you to reach enhanced sound quality.

Set up process of these bookshelf speakers is quite simple and easy as they are compatible with any computer and you won’t need to install any additional software or change any settings.

Due to built-in power amplifiers, you won’t need to connect Audioengine 5+ to a stereo receiver or external power amp. The internal components of these desktop speakers create a much heftier system and unlike passive speakers and amplifiers require less power.

These desktop speakers have a simple design and offer a narrow color spectrum of smooth white and black. Still, if you are looking for something unusual there is an option of exquisite carbonized bamboo finish.

On the whole, Audioengine A5+ system is known for its sound quality as it provides a full-bodied delivery of clear and crisp highs and lows.

  • remote control
  • dual audio inputs
  • great sound
  • high compatibility
  • high price
  • can overheat and shut down
  • large for desktop use

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Bose Companion 20

Fantastic Sound with Plenty of Bass

bose companion 20
This 2.0 setup works best with PCs and laptops, but you can also connect them to a phone or a tablet with a 3.5mm jack.

While they don’t have a dedicated bass module, the sound is clear and covers the lows, mids, and highs extremely well (it actually feels like there is a small subwoofer). The speakers are also powerful, and the delivery is natural, regardless of the volume level.

The speakers are a bit on the large side, but you can tuck them away behind the monitor and forget about them. This is possible due to the hockey puck style volume control that allows you to get the sound higher or lower as needed. You can also connect a pair of headphones to the controller or another audio device.

The cable between the speakers allows for proper arrangement on a desk, on both sides of a computer. The speakers are equipped with TrueSpace stereo digital processing technology (proprietary to Bose), which helps create a fantastic stereo experience.

  • Great sound experience
  • Good bass even though there’s no subwoofer
  • Powerful
  • Hockey puck style volume controller
  • The design is neutral and blends easily with any decor
  • A bit on the expensive side
  • Speakers are rather large, so you need space for them
  • Some feedback buzz when the unit is on in standby

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Creative Pebble Plus

The Perfect Combination of Style and Performance on a Budget

creative pebble plus
Besides the two speakers (the standard formula for PC speakers) this system also comes with a powerful down-firing subwoofer that charges the audio experience to the maximum. The result is powerful bass, loud volume, and an amazing, immersive experience!

The speakers feature dual far-field drivers set at a 45° angle for the best soundstage that adapts according to the type of content (movies, video games, music, and so on). The speakers can deliver maximum 8W RMS output (in High Gain mode), which is powerful enough to raise the roof during parties.

Overall, the Creative Pebble Plus feature a futuristic design, easy-to-reach controls, and are powered from a USB port. It is a reliable audio system and creates a wonderful experience!

  • Beautiful design
  • Down-firing woofer
  • Rich soundstage
  • Powerful bass and loud volume
  • Speakers are equipped with 2” mid-range drivers
  • USB powered
  • Great price for the value
  • They crackle at high volumes
  • The quality is proportional to the price

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Get the Best Studio Experience

jbl 305p mkii
Designed for audiophiles and professionals, the 305P MkII studio monitors come equipped with updated HF and LF transducers and feature ¼” TRS and balanced XLR inputs. Furthermore, they deliver 82 watts of power (due to custom Class-D amplifiers)!

Everything is packed in a sleek design, that makes you think about unbelievable sound from the first glance. However, you have to be prepared with a lot of space, since these are a lot bigger than most standard computer speakers.

The sound is as you’d expect from a JBL studio monitor: the bass is deep and the harmonic distortion is low, which means the sound accuracy won’t be compromised at any point. The 305PMkII monitors deliver precise imaging and have an impressive dynamic range with a wide sweet spot which creates the most crystal-clear sound experience possible.

In terms of usage, you can place the monitors on a desk or against a wall – due to the new boundary equalization, the low-frequency response won’t suffer any distortions. Also, you can use them around magnetic sensitive equipment.

  • Fantastic sound experience
  • They deliver details you can’t hear with standard speakers
  • Can be used for film and music production
  • Great price for the quality
  • Rather large and bulky
  • The design is not exactly elegant
  • On low volume and close space, there is a slight hiss (normal for active monitors)

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Harman Kardon Soundsticks III

The Best Computer Speakers for Balanced Sound

harman kardon soundsticks iii - Best computer speakers for balanced sound
It is not only one of the best 2.1 computer speaker system but also one of the most exquisite and stylish. Furthermore, it is an example of today’s art as this speaker set has taken part in the exhibition at New York City’s Museum of Modern Art. Thus, it’s definitely something more than just a set of desktop speakers.

Harman Kardon Soundsticks III is a three-piece, 2.1-channel multimedia sound system. This model opens new horizons of sounding and is proud of its enhanced color scheme and minimum of annoying wires. These speakers will suit any purpose covering movies, games and music, of course.

Still, it’s not only the design which makes these desktop speakers unique – its quality totally corresponds to its elegant look. Harman Kardon Soundsticks III is a powerful speaker set with 40 watts of dazzling amplification. Its eight 1-inch full-range transducers are powered by amplifiers for outstanding bass performance. There is also a 6-inch, 20-watt downward-firing powered subwoofer.

These desktop speakers support all kinds of multimedia devices with a stereo mini-jack output. There are touch volume and mute controls as well as subwoofer volume control. Furthermore, Harman Kardon Soundsticks III 2.1 speakers are provided with angle-adjustable satellites. You can bend them from a low angle to high and choose the most suitable position.

Another issue which deserves your attention is an eternal problem of audio cables. The point is that these 2.1 computer speakers won’t make you suffer from annoying cables on your table. Harman Kardon Soundsticks III speaker system keeps its cables underneath the transparent speaker covers turning the problem into one more example of modern elegancy. Besides, being detachable, they can be easily replaced in case they are damaged.

  • reasonable price (about $150)
  • excellent sound quality
  • stylish industrial design
  • powerful subwoofer and transducers
  • enhanced cable system
  • no remote control
  • no external jack for plugging in headphones

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Logitech MX Sound

Elegant Design & Great Features

logitech mx sound
If you’re looking for a pair of speakers that blend well with an elegant environment, the MX sound from Logitech is a perfect choice. With a rounded shape and premium materials, these speakers look and sound amazing!

But the feature that might impress you the most is that they can connect with multiple devices via Bluetooth connection. Of course, if you’re going to use them for a computer, you can also use the 3.5mm jack for a wired connection. The Easy-Switch technology lets you skip in between sources without any additional settings.

At 24 Watt Peak/12 Watt RMS power, the MX speakers deliver well-balanced audio and let you hit notes that most speakers this size can’t reproduce.

The touch controls are placed on the front of the right speaker and are activated by motion, so they’ll light up as you bring your hand closer to the speaker.

  • Gorgeous design
  • Perfect for desk use
  • Multiple device connectivity
  • Fantastic sound experience
  • Touch controls
  • You need an app for detailed configuration
  • They are not tiny
  • Low-frequency bass is missing
  • The sound is a bit muffled at times

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Logitech Z407

Bold Sound & Versatility

Logitech Z407
The Logitech Z407 is marketed as a wireless speaker system, and that means the people in charge of marketing at Logitech did a cool job.
The truth is though that the Z407 is a wired speaker system with Bluetooth, so you can control music from your smartphone, and even if there are zero cables in the photos of the products, that’s by design.

With all these in mind, we must begin with what’s cool about these speakers: the sound is surprisingly good for the size/price, and speaking of the latter, it’s amazing that Logitech managed to keep it under the $100 mark. So, if you’re shopping for more than decent computer speakers with wireless control and affordable, the Z407 not only sound great, but they also look great, and that makes them an unicorn.

What’s also amazing from these Logitech speakers is the addition of a wireless dial, several connectivity options, rumbling bass and overall powerful sound in speakers that measure 7.87 x 3.70 x 3.35 inches (satellites) with a 9.45 x 9.21 x 7.09-inch subwoofer.

The capsule shaped satellites look smart, and the system is compact and stylish, being small enough to fit anywhere perfectly, even on a small desk. Moreover, the satellite stands are removable, and you can attach them in 2 ways for horizontal or upright setup; the wireless control has a 60ft range and 3 connectivity options: 3.5 mm, micro USB and Bluetooth, which makes the system highly versatile.

As we already told you in the preamble, the speakers are not cable-free, even if you get wireless connectivity, which means you’ll have to connect the satellites to the subwoofer with RCA cables. The system itself can be then connect to your laptop/desktop computer or smart TV via Bluetooth, and the 3.5 mm option ensures lag free high-quality audio for music aficionados.

If you want even more SQ, the micro USB connection seems to be the best. Audio quality is very good for a cheap computer speaker, and the sub punches way above its weight and size.

Bottom line, if you’re looking for affordable computer/smart TV speakers that deliver awesome sound for peanuts money, the Logitech Z407 should rank high on your shopping list.

  • Fantastic design
  • Great sound
  • Amazing value for money
  • Highly versatile
  • Compact and well-built
  • None really at this price

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Razer Nommo Chroma

For Full Audio Immersion

razer nommo chroma
Razer is well-known amongst gamers, which is why the Nommo speakers are marketed towards this market. However, they work great for movies and other casual audio activities as well since they deliver distinct audio details and layers. They are endowed with custom 3-inch woven glass fiber drivers that create an immersive audio experience, whether you’re watching a movie or slaying a virtual enemy.

Since they are aimed at gamers, the focus is on the lower range, but they do cover the mids and highs rather well. Also, the bass can be adjusted as needed using the bass knob on the face of the speakers.

The Nommo connects to a computer using either the 3.5mm jack connection or the USB port (never both at the same time).

Finally, you should know that the base of the speaker lights up, featuring a nice color palette. Furthermore, if you have other Razor accessories, the lights can be synced!

  • Great price
  • Clear and crisp sound quality
  • Adjustable bass
  • Gorgeous design
  • Not too big
  • The lights are dim during the day
  • You need Razers Synapse 3.0 Beta to control the lights

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Edifier R980T

Classic Elegance & Impressive Sound

edifier r980t
The Edifier R980T bookshelf active speakers are some of the most good-looking classic designs on the market today. The combination between the compact, rectangular shape and the wooden walls is perfect for users who enjoy listening to their music with a little bit of class.

In terms of sound, each speaker is equipped with a 4-inch bass driver and a 13mm tweeter, and together, they produce a total power of 24 watts (12W RMS each). The wooden enclosures are also useful at minimizing acoustic resonance and shield the speakers from any magnetic interference.

The bass is strong and can be adjusted while the sound is well-balanced and natural. Of course, given the fantastic price, you understand these are not designed for professional use. However, for at-home or in-office use, they are perfect.
Even more, the speakers can be connected to more than one audio source due to the double RCA input.

  • Great sound
  • Wood enclosures
  • Classy design
  • Amazing price-quality ratio
  • Not recommended for professional work
  • Not very powerful
  • Response on lower volumes is not great

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Audioengine HD3

Custom Built for your Ears

audioengine hd3
You may not know the Audioengine brand, but that is only because they are a smaller company from Texas. They exclusively produce high-quality speakers at acceptable prices and the HD3 is one of their most popular designs.

The HD3 speaker is wireless (Bluetooth connectivity) and comes equipped with classic A/B analog amplifiers and a range extender so you can hear it and control it from wherever in the house (100ft range). They also look amazing with walnut or cherry wood encasings and a metallic knob for volume (makes you think about old radios).

The custom Kevlar woofers and silk tweeters help deliver the most exquisite sound experience ever. The sound is warm and clear, carrying just as much emotion and energy as the composer intended.

The feature you may enjoy the most about the HD3 speakers is the flexibility in connection. Besides the aforementioned wireless connection, these speakers support wired, analog and digital (USB, stereo RCA, or 3.5mm jack). In front, you’ll also find a dedicated jack for high-quality headphones.

  • Gorgeous design
  • High-end sound and spaciousness
  • 60 watts peak power
  • 65Hz-22kHz frequency response
  • It needs some breaking in time
  • Sound quality is lower over BT connection
  • Nuance may vary from one speaker to another
  • A bit on the expensive side

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Klipsch ProMedia 2.1

Great Sound Quality at a Reasonable Price

klipsch promedia 21 - Best computer speakers for powerful low-end sound
One more example of best 2.1 computer speakers is Klipsch ProMedia 2.1. These speakers are THX-certified what means that they can stand in the same row with home theater systems.

Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 is a three-piece speaker set with a 6.5-inch 65W subwoofer for rich and full-bodied bass and two 18W satellite speakers, which together produce immersive sound. Its satellite speakers have got enclosures made of sturdy ABS plastic. What is more, they include 3-inch midbass drivers as well as 0.75-inch tweeters. As to the subwoofer, it houses a bass reflex enclosure made of MDF wood. Furthermore, there is a 6.5-inch side-firing, long-throw cone driver made of the fiber composite.

For accurate sound reproduction, there is 35Hz – 22kHz frequency response. There are also built-in power and volume controls.

Besides, these PC speakers make use of such innovative technologies as Klipsch’s Micro-Tractrix horns. The horn-loaded tweeters guarantee the effect of live sound as they have a direct sound dispersion out of the speakers’ ports. These AC-powered desktop speakers can be also used as a wireless set, which is equipped with Wi-Fi.

Thanks to a headphone jack and mini-plug input Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 speakers can be easily connected to computers, tablets, cell phones and gaming systems. In a nutshell, this speaker set supports any audio devices with a 3.5mm output.

  • reasonable price (about $150)
  • great sound
  • independent volume and subwoofer control
  • no remote control
  • poor midrange

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Edifier Exclaim E10

The Best Computer Speakers Under $100

edifier exclaim e10 - Best computer speakers under 100
This is one more example of best computer speakers under $100. Edifier Exclaim e10 speaker set has a unique eye-catching design which will certainly become a part of your interior making it more stylish.

Still, an unusual look isn’t the only plus of these desktop speakers. They do have some technical features to be proud of. First of all, Edifier Exclaim e10 is a high performance integrated 2.0 speaker system. The bottom base of each speaker includes a 3-inch woofer as well as a matching bass radiator for maximum deep bass effect. As to the silver columns, they contain two 38mm high-frequency/mid-range tweeters and one more 38mm radiator.

Being angled backward, Edifier Exclaim e10 computer speakers provide the sound direction right into your ears. Such position allows them to get the maximum sound power. Besides, both speakers have also got built-in amplifiers and passive radiators. The right speaker is connected to the left one by means of a cable supplies.

Edifier Exclaim e10 is provided by volume adjustment and power/standby control buttons. Bear in mind that these best budget speakers make use of DSP (Digital Signal Processing) and DRC (Dynamic Range Compensation) technology for immersive sound. By the by, there is also a 3.5mm auxiliary input for audio connectivity.

  • stylish and compact design
  • decent sound for low price
  • no remote control
  • distortions at highs

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Logitech G560 LIGHTSYNC

A Symphony of Sound & Light

logitech g560 lightsync
With 240 watts at peak power, the G560 speakers are designed to make gaming more fun and immersing experience. The built-in LIGHTSYNC RGB technology makes use of the game’s general lighting to extend the same emotions through the speakers’ lighting system (which supports 16.8 million colors).

The speakers manage to create a 3D positional audio experience, which allows you to hear the sound almost like you would when wearing high-end gaming headphones. The good news is that you can use these in both wired and wireless (USB, 3.5mm, and Bluetooth) settings and they work with a wide range of devices.

The speakers accept multiple devices at the same time, and the Easy-Switch technology allows you to make the change from one source to another quite easily. You will need a proprietary Logitech software to set everything as you need it, but otherwise, everything is straightforward.

  • Impressive bass experience
  • The sound is powerful
  • The lighting system looks great on a gaming gear
  • Supports several devices
  • You need the Logitech software for settings
  • There is a small learning curve
  • They can get really loud
  • Volume controls are a bit quirky

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Klipsch R-51PM Powered Bluetooth Speaker

Incredible Power in a Classic Design

klipsch r-51pm
The R-51M is not the sort of speaker you can hide behind your computer monitor. Not that you should hide it; it’s minimalistic yet elegant design fits any sort of interior design setting!

Besides the smoldering good looks, this speaker also has a series of features that make it worthy of the hefty price point. First, the sound is room-filling due to the custom-engineered built-in amplifier that maximizes the sound quality and output.

Second, it supports a wide range of connections from Bluetooth to digital optical and analog RCA and USB. This means it plays well with other devices, from a turntable to a gaming console or a tablet. Anything that supports one of the connections available.

Finally, the R-51M is equipped with dynamic volume – this means you won’t lose the bass when the volume is low or high.

  • Powerful & accurate sound
  • Gorgeous design with removable magnetic grille
  • Accepts multiple devices
  • Wired, wireless, analog, and digital connections
  • Installation can be a bit challenging
  • A bit on the expensive side
  • There may be some compatibility issues

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