Best Gaming Mouse Pads in 2021

best gaming mouse pads

While you don’t need a gaming mouse pad to be a good gamer, finding the right one can make long gaming sessions more comfortable and convenient.

Back in the days of early PCs, mouse pads were less versatile because older mouses needed very specific surface types to be functional. Nowadays, mice are much more advanced and you can find mouse pads in a wide variety of shapes and sizes with a range of textures and extra features.

If you’re searching for the best gaming mouse pad, this guide will help you select the best mouse pad for your needs depending on your preference for comfort, material, style and price.

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Things to Consider When Choosing The Best Gaming Mouse Pad

Smooth vs Textured Mouse Pads

When you run your laser or optical mouse across your mouse pad, does it make a big difference whether the mouse pad is smooth or textured? Opinions will vary and your decision may have to do with the type of games you play the most. For example, you may need a smoother mousepad if you’re playing an FPS (first-person shooter) that requires quick reaction. However, a moderately textured mouse pad can offer you more control for things like sniping when precision is the main priority.

Ideally, mouse pads for general gaming will have the perfect balance of smoothness and roughness with medium or “micro” textures that still provide resistance without sacrificing speed.

Mouse Pad Size

The standard size of a mouse pad is around 7.9” by 9.8”. However, some gaming mouse pads are much larger and more suitable for performing a wider range of movements, which is an essential aspect of PC gaming. More room to play means you have more surface area to work with while you’re moving or attacking in-game. There are also mouse pad options that are long enough to accommodate a whole keyboard as well as a mouse. So what’s the right size for you?

If you want an aesthetic setup that looks great and also offers you plenty of space to move like a pro gamer, an extra-large 36” by 12” mouse pad might be worth the added cost. However, if you’re a casual gamer or you just don’t have space or desire for an extra-large mouse pad, there are plenty of mid-sized options available that will help you save on space without sacrificing functionality and style.

Wrist Support or Not?

Do you tend to rest your wrist while using your mouse, or do you prefer to have a wide range of movement without restrictive padding? If your gaming sessions are long and intensive, or you’re prone to carpal tunnel, choosing the mouse pad with wrist support is a smart way to go.

However, for some gamers, a wrist rest can restrict movements and become more annoying than helpful. If you can’t stand the added padding but you’d like to reduce fatigue during long gaming sessions, consider a thicker mouse pad or a mouse pad with a removable wrist support.

Material of The Mouse Pad

When it comes to choosing the material, you should first think about whether you prefer a mouse pad surface that’s soft or hard (or somewhere in between).

Cloth mouse pads are very popular among gamers because they generally have a moderate glide speed that gives the user better control over the movements of the mouse. Lower glide speed can mean increased ability to stop instantly, which is an important aspect for certain types of games. Additionally, cloth mouse pads are softer and more comfortable, making them a good choice if you spend long periods of time in MMO (“massively multiplayer online”) games or LAN parties.

Hard mouse pads are made from a variety of durable materials such as plastic, aluminum or rubber. These types of mouse pads are generally better for gamers looking for lots of speed and with the ability to perform rapid mouse movements, especially when playing RTS (“real-time strategy”) or MOBA (“multiplayer online battle arena”) games. The stiff surface allows for faster movement of the mouse across the pad with less drag time. However, it can be more difficult to stop the mouse precisely and the lift-off distance is generally higher, making it difficult to adjust if you’re playing games that don’t require so much sensitivity.

Extra Features

In addition to their type, size and material, the best mouse pads for gaming may also come with a variety of interesting features that make them more unique or useful. Some of these features include:

Customizable lighting effects. While many mouse pads can come in a couple of different colors, you can really achieve supreme personalization with mouse pads that allow you to choose and change colors depending on your mood.

Durability. If you spend a lot of your time gaming, working or browsing on your computer, you’re going to need a mouse pad that can withhold a lot of wear and tear over time. This includes being able to hold up to accidental spills and water damage.

Thickness. While shopping for the mouse pads, you’ll find that they often come in different thicknesses, usually range from as thick as over 5 mm to as thin as 3 mm or less. Thicker mouse pads are generally more comfortable, but thinner ones can be neater and lighter.

13 Best Gaming Mouse Pads

Corsair Gaming MM800 POLARIS

The Best Hard Mouse Pad with LED Lighting

corsair gaming mm800 polaris
One of the best gaming mouse pads to consider is CORSAIR MM800 Polaris RGB Mouse Pad. It comes with a low friction micro-textured surface for fast but at the same time precise sensor tracking. There is also PWM lighting technology with 15 zone RGB LED customizable lighting, so you can choose your favorite color scheme to match your mouse or any other part of the working station.

CORSAIR MM800 has a built-in USB pass-through port for a mouse. Note that you can also choose the size of the pad as it’s available in small, medium and extended format. Thanks to the non-slip rubber base this mouse pad is comfortable in use and always has a fixed position what is really important for gamers.

  • customizable LED lighting and clean design
  • built-in USB port
  • available in different size formats as well as surface types
  • non-slip rubber base
  • improved CUE 2 software
  • hard surface may wear down your mouse
  • expensive
  • not the best option for long sessions

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Glorious XXL Extended Gaming Mouse Mat

Great Mouse Pad for Control and Speed

glorious xxl extended gaming mouse mat
Need a pad for your mouse as well as keyboard? Then have a look at Glorious XXL Extended Gaming Mouse Pad. Except for a large size this mouse pad has a smooth cloth surface what reduces the risk to wear your mouse down. Besides, such surface type provides your mouse with fast movements and excellent control and that’s priceless for gaming.

As well as the pre-cited CORSAIR MM800 this mouse pad is designed with a non-slip rubber base for a secured position. What is more, thanks to anti-fraying stitched frame Glorious XXL has a long lifespan and is machine washable.

  • smooth cloth surface
  • non-slip rubber base
  • anti-fraying stitched frame
  • machine washable
  • optimized for various mouse sensors and sensitivities
  • doesn’t stick in place well
  • shows scuff marks easily

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Logitech G440 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad

Excellent Mouse Pad for FPS

logitech g440
This Logitech mouse pad is one of the best gaming mouse pads thanks to its top-notch low surface friction. Though its hard type may be merciless to the mouse lifespan but it makes its slightest movements accurate and delivers excellent cursor control during gaming.

It’s also one of the best options for Logitech mice as this pad matches Logitech G sensors and boosts the general mouse performance. Logitech G440 comes with a rubber base which can withstand even the most active gaming sessions. Besides, due to the high quality of its multi-layer construction with a strong polymer core, this mouse pad is rather long-lasting.

  • low surface friction
  • large size
  • rubber base for stable position
  • matches Logitech G sensors
  • high-quality construction
  • precise tracking
  • can be loud when moving mouse
  • rough edges may be uncomfortable
  • no smooth surface option

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Razer Sphex V2

The Best Budget Slim Mouse Pad

razer sphex v2
Looking for a new mouse pad at a reasonable price? Consider Razer Sphex V2. This mouse pad has a durable polycarbonate surface with a smooth and comfortable feel. Such high build quality allows it to withstand all intense gaming sessions. Due to ultra-thin form factor, it also looks rather compact on the working place.

What is more, this mouse pad has an adhesive back which doesn’t allow your movements to change its position and spoil the whole gaming process. Note that his mouse pad is suitable for mice with both optical and laser sensors.

  • reasonable price
  • durable build quality
  • suitable for mice with optical and laser sensors
  • compact and slim design
  • adhesive backing fixes its position
  • adhesive backing can damage the desk surface
  • doesn’t come in a bigger size

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SteelSeries QcK RGB

Great Gaming Mouse Pad for the Money

steelseries qck rgb
Another great mouse pad for gaming is SteelSeries QcK RGB. It is designed with high-grade exclusive QcK micro-woven cloth which provides the mouse with precise movements and control thanks to its smooth and comfortable surface. Note, that this mouse pad supports optical as well as laser sensors.

There is also dynamic 2-zone RGB illumination and effects. They come with in-game lighting and Discord notifications which are easy to setup. Besides, SteelSeries Engine software provides you with Engine Apps using which you can easily customize this pad.

SteelSeries QcK RGB offers lots of style options to choose from – limited, mini, heavy and others. As the pad is rather thick it can work on almost any type of the surface. What is more, its non-slip rubber base keeps the pad secured and prevents moving during a gaming session.

  • soft and hard surfaces
  • high quality
  • large and smooth surface
  • beautiful lighting
  • thick design makes it suitable for almost any surface type
  • lots of style options
  • pricey
  • sides may fray easily
  • not the best option for fast-paced gaming

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Razer Firefly Hard V2

A Pricey, but Super Cool Gaming Mouse Pad

razer firefly hard v2
If you have ever been looking for an outstanding mouse pad that will give you not only the great functionality but the exceptional esthetics as well, Razer Firefly Hard V2 is the product for you.

Although a bit pricey, this is a mouse pad that doesn’t accept any compromise and delivers nothing else but sheer quality represented in amazing looks, all-round edge lighting, a micro-texture surface, with a special coating that allows for fast, but controlled playing, built-in cable management and much more.

However, what is even more impressive is that this mouse pad offers exceptional customization options and thanks to its Razer Chroma compatibility, allows you to synchronize it with your favorite games, other Razer hardware, and a whole bunch of other supported products.

In other words, Razer Firefly Hard V2 is simply the sheer top, when talking about the best gaming mouse pads. Therefore, if you are after a product that offers a premium feeling and looks great at the same time, you may be sure that Firefly Hard V2 is the device for you.

  • thin
  • great RGB lighting
  • smooth
  • durable
  • pricey

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HyperX Fury S Pro Gaming Mouse Pad

Good Anti-fray Mouse Pad for Gaming

hyperx fury s pro gaming mouse pad
Need a long-lasting mouse pad that will survive all your gaming sessions? Check out HyperX FURY S. It comes with anti-fray stitched edges. Add to this high-quality material and you’ll get a durable item that will last for a long time.

Its densely woven surface provides precise optical tracking while its natural rubber backing guarantees fixed position even during intensive movements. HyperX FURY S has four sizes you can choose from.

  • durable high-quality material
  • smooth surface
  • excellent for optical tracking
  • has four sizes to choose from
  • reasonable price
  • tends to slide around on the desk
  • bad rubber smell
  • doesn’t lay completely flat after curling

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Logitech G Powerplay

The Best Gaming Mouse Pad From Logitech

logitech g powerplay wireless charging system
Logitech G Powerplay is one of the most stylish mouse pads which also impresses with its advanced technologies. This pad comes with an innovative POWERPLAY continuous wireless charging technology that allows charging wireless mice even during gaming sessions. Note that it supports Logitech G703 and G903 gaming mice.

Another great thing about this mouse pad is an option to choose between the surface mats. So, you can change the hard surface into the soft one or vice verse. What is more, Logitech G Powerplay has a non-stick and non-marking surface. It is also designed with customizable RGB lighting which allows you to sync the color with the other devices fast and easily.

  • cloth and hard surface types are offered
  • non-stick and non-marking surface
  • cloth wrapped USB cable
  • supports only two mice: Logitech G703 and G903
  • cloth may peel after little use

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Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma

High-quality Gaming Mouse Pad From Razer

razer goliathus extended chroma
Another great mouse pad from Razer is Goliathus Extended Chroma. It is designed with micro-textured cloth surface which has already proven its great quality for precise control and fast performance. Such surface will also survive long gaming sessions with thousands of active movements which preserve their accuracy. This model has also got 16.8 million customizable color options, so you may choose any lighting effect you want. Besides, you can use color synchronization for the other Razor devices and get seamless lighting for your working place.

Razer Goliathus also comes with non-slip rubber backing which prevents sliding in case of intensive movements. By the by, this mouse pad is suitable for different types of mice including those with optical as well as laser sensors. Keep in mind that this Razer mouse pad has a large surface area which is suitable not only for a mouse but also a keyboard.

  • great build quality
  • excellent lighting options
  • non-slip rubber base
  • large surface
  • not suitable for small desks
  • doesn’t work with Synapse 2

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Cooler Master MP510

A Mouse Pad that Makes the Difference

cooler master mp510
Although it might seem strange, small things are the ones that usually play a crucial role, and something like that can also be said about the Cooler Master MP510 mouse pad, a product that looks similar to hundreds of others yet offers an exceptional user experience that really makes the difference when talking about high-end gaming.

That doesn’t mean that this product is feature-rich and that it offers, for instance, excellent RGB lighting or practical cable management, because it doesn’t. This is a mouse pad that offers only the basics, but what it offers is top of the line. To be exact, its surface is made out of the highly durable waterproof corduroy material, optimized for high-accuracy and fluid control, while its anti-fray stitching makes it almost indestructible.

In other words, great gaming performance is guaranteed, which makes it one hell of a catch… Of course, if that is what you are seeking from the best gaming mouse pads in the first place.

  • available in four different sizes
  • waterproof
  • durable
  • it has no RGB lighting

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CORSAIR MM300 – Anti-Fray Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad

Excellent Budget Mouse Pad From Corsair

corsair gaming mm300
CORSAIR MM300 is also one of those mouse pads which will provide you with accurate and fast mouse performance. Its durable textile-weave surface is comfortable in use not only for mouse but also keyboard as this pad comes in extended size.

Its durability is guaranteed by stitched edges guard that prevents surface peeling. CORSAIR MM300 supports optical and laser mice. There is also anti-skid rubber base which keeps the pad placed firmly.

  • durable textile-weave surface
  • stitched edges
  • great control
  • anti-skid rubber base
  • affordable price
  • strong initial smell
  • a bit narrow

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All-in-One Mouse Pad

UtechSmart is a pretty unknown brand in the PC world; however, that hasn’t prevented them from creating an outstanding product – their mouse pad, which offers attractive looks, affordable price, and ease of use, all in one.

To make things even better, this mouse pad is waterproof and equipped with an anti-slip rubber base, but more importantly, it’s designed primarily for gaming, which is one of the key reasons why it provides a smooth and precise mouse motion, crucial for high-class gaming. Also, thanks to its exceptional RGB lighting, with 14 different lighting modes, as well as two brightness levels, this mouse pad offers a decent level of customization and overall a pretty good value for the money.

In other words, if you are looking for the best gaming mouse pad in the budget-friendly area, the road should definitely lead you to the UtechSmart mouse pad.

  • affordable
  • attractive looking
  • easy to use
  • waterproof
  • not that customizable

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Blade Hawks

The God of Mouse Pads

blade hawks
Blade Hawks’ mouse pad is an affordable, yet a feature-rich product that, presents one hell of a deal due to the great value that it brings to the customers, and it is probably the best gaming mouse pad available on the market.

Reasons for such a claim are numerous, and the most significant ones are definitely its ease of use, excellent RGB lighting with 15 different modes (11 static and four dynamic), 3W speaker, and last but not least, excellent connectivity, which includes three USB2.0 ports.

To make things even better, this mouse pad also offers waterproof characteristics, a non-slip rubber base, as well as a plug-and-play functionality, which altogether makes it an excellent choice for both gamers and regular users looking for a practical, but the attractive product as well.

  • waterproof
  • it has a speaker
  • it is fitted with three USB2.0 ports
  • 15 lighting modes
  • durable
  • none

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Great PC Gamers Deserve the Best Mouse Pads for Gaming

A high-quality gaming mouse pad is an essential peripheral for any gaming setup because it can have an impact on your level of comfort as well as the smoothness and efficiency of your mouse movements. Even if you’ve already found the gaming keyboard, gaming mouse or wireless mouse, finding the right mouse pad for your needs can make a noticeable difference in your overall gaming experience.

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