10 Best Outdoor TV Antennas in 2020

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best outdoor tv antennas
Cable TV has been famous for bringing the highly entertaining channels and TV Shows to the large part of the population, but what if you don’t really need it? What if all you watch are just the local channels?

In that case, Cable TV is just a waste of money, and investing in the best outdoor TV antenna, or at least one that would perfectly suit your needs, would be a much better choice. Even if you also had to buy the best digital converter box available, that still wouldn’t cost you more than one or two cable month bills. In other words, savings are drastic.

Of course, finding the perfect antenna isn’t that easy, especially if you are a newbie. Luckily, that can be managed with a little help. Therefore, read the following lines carefully and enjoy the adventure.

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How to Choose the Best Outdoor TV Antenna

Antennas themselves aren’t as complicated as other hardware; still, they also have a couple of characteristics that set them apart from each other, and that will help you make a proper choice and choose the best outdoor TV antenna up to your needs.


Antennas can be directional or multi-directional. The type you need depends mostly on the channels that you want to watch and the location of their broadcasting towers.

In other words, if the needed channels are distributed only from a single place, you will be fine with just a directional antenna. In every other situation, when there are multiple-source signals, the multi-directional antenna is your only choice.

Reception (signal strength)

When talking about the reception, things are pretty straightforward. Poor reception means you won’t be able to fully enjoy your favorite shows. Therefore, before anything else, check how good is the reception of your desired antenna.

Beware that this also includes its resistance to different weather conditions, such as wind or rain that are more than often guilty for the poor reception.


In order for you to get the best outdoor TV antenna possible, it is essential to check which frequencies the broadcasted channels that you need are on and to see if the antenna covers them. That way you will avoid a lot of trouble and get what you really need.


Depending upon your antenna reach and the distance of the broadcasting towers you will be, or not be able to follow certain channels. For that reason, before the purchase, research how distant the needed broadcasting towers are, and chose the antenna that will be able to reach them.

10 Best Outdoor TV Antennas

GE Pro Outdoor Yagi TV Antenna 33685

A Cheap Outdoor Antenna Ideal for Everyday Use

ge pro outdoor yagi tv antenna 33685
GE Pro Outdoor Yagi TV Antenna 33685 is a directional outdoor antenna, perfect for the users that are looking for simplicity and durability. It is built by the famous General Electric, and it allows receiving of both VHF and UHF signals in 1080p resolution. Also, it is 4K ready and therefore, ideal for people who like to think in advance.

This antenna offers rugged construction and generally can withstand a lot of weather “beating”, which make it perfectly suited for the remote areas with a harsh climate. Partially due to its high resistance, GE Pro Outdoor Yagi TV Antenna 33685 provides a crystal clear sound and picture and in general presents one of the best outdoor HD TV antennas out there.

It is easy to install, affordable, with a limited lifetime warranty and with a nice 70 miles reach that is more than enough for most people. Overall, this is a great TV antenna, with a price that is a real bargain.


  • Affordable
  • Durable

  • No amplifier

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An Easy-Setup Antenna Ideal for People Who Are in Pursuit of Simplicity

rca ant800
RCA ANT800 antenna is omnidirectional, with a 360-degree reach that only requires mounting (mounting kit is included in the package) to be fully operational. Although officially this device is an outdoor one, people’s experiences have shown that it is giving much better results when it is located in the attic, or somewhere else high in the house where it is protected from the wind, rain and other not that ideal weather conditions. Therefore, have that in mind before the purchase.

This device supports for the reception of the VHF and UHF signal, including Full HD and 4K broadcasts, and has a reception reach of up to 60 miles. The antenna itself is built in the USA and is made out of the finest components. Also, it is supplied with some very neat features, such as the SmartBoostTM amplification, responsible for the better signal receiving, and paintable surface that allows for its easy adaptation to the surroundings.

Altogether, if you are looking for the best omnidirectional outdoor TV antenna, RCA ANT800 definitely isn’t among them, but on the other hand, its inside behavior is superb. Therefore, if the antenna location isn’t an issue for you, just go for it.


  • Easy to install
  • 360 degrees reception

  • It isn’t built for the outside

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Pingbingding Outdoor Antenna WA-2608

A Small, Lightweight Antenna Ideal for Rural Areas

pingbingding outdoor antenna wa-2608
Living in a rural area has many advantages, but also many disadvantages, such as not-that-great infrastructure, remoteness and, generally speaking, unavailability of many common things, including free TV channels. Luckily, devices as Pingbingding WA-2608 are “breaking” these boundaries and are allowing a 150-mile signal reach that allows people to capture channels that used to be just a dream.

With Pingbingding Outdoor Antenna WA-2608, you are getting a classical Yagi design and a durable, weatherproof build. Also, this device is covering the full VHF and UHF spectrum, it comes supplied with the VHF reflector and the amplifier, and it offers a Full HD support that, accompanied by its built-in dual TV support, allows for a lot of versatility, without a need for extra investment.

The antenna itself is easy to install, comes with a not-that-impressive one-year warranty and offers a 360-degree rotation capability that allows for easy positioning, with the help of the wireless remote. Overall, if you are looking for the best long-range outdoor TV antenna, Pingbingding WA-2608 should surely be positioned high on your list.


  • 150 miles reach
  • Dual TV support

  • Rotating feature needs an upgrade

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Antennas Direct DB8e

A Large Antenna Built for Perfect Channel Reception

antennas direct db8e
Exceptional quality usually means that the product will have a much higher price tag than the majority of the devices in the class, and Antennas Direct DB8e is no exception from that rule. Although a bit expensive, this antenna is worth every cent invested.

It offers an amazing reception at the range of up to 70 miles, supports the UHF spectrum broadcast and a full HD resolution. Exceptional signal reception is mostly the result of its design, which incorporates the dual bow-tie antenna build that allows each of the two antennas to be directed into a different signal source, or simultaneously into one broadcasting tower, and allows for the reception of the weak signal. Also, its reflector panels are responsible for the prevention of interferences.

In other words, Antennas Direct DB8e is a great multifunctional device that also comes with a lifetime warranty on parts and numerous weather-proof features (all-weather mounting kit, low wind profile, etc.) which altogether make it one of the best outdoor TV antenna options on the market. Unluckily, there are also some issues, such as a lack of the preamplifier and the VHF support, but in its defense, you won’t need them in most cases anyway.


  • Great for weak signals
  • Can be pointed in two different directions

  • No VHF support
  • Large size

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A Not-Too-Fancy Yagi TV Antenna that Does the Job

rca ant751e
If you are searching for the best outdoor TV antenna for rural areas that can be easily mounted and successfully used even during travels, while securely connected to your RV, RCA ANT751E might come as a great option. It’s cheap, it has a good 70+ miles signal reach, and it comes with some very neat features, such as the UHF Reflector that is responsible for filtering the background noise and as a result, provides an amazing picture quality.

Along with that, this antenna offers SmartBoostTM amplification and is supplied with numerous easy to mount elements, which make it simple to use even for newbies.

RCA ANT751E receives both UHF and VHF channels, supports 1080i broadcast and comes equipped with an RCA Signal Finder App which allows for the discovery of the broadcasting towers and therefore, the best possible positioning.

Altogether, this antenna is a great choice if you are located in a distant area, but are still craving quality free TV. If that is the case, RCA ANT751E is everything you need.


  • UHF Reflector
  • Easy to install

  • Not that much weather resistant

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Channel Master CM-4228HD

A Quality Long-Range Antenna that Delivers an Optimal User Experience

channel master cm-4228hd
Channel Master CM-4228HD is antenna which combines grid and a classical Yagi design in order to produce a noise-free picture. Thanks to its design, the need for amplifying is reduced to the minimum, and since the amplifiers are the most responsible for the signal disturbances, the resulting picture is exceptionally clear.

This antenna allows for multi-directional signal reception (up to 180°) from the sources that are up to 80 miles away and it works well with both VHF and UHF spectrum, although VHF reception can be problematic if the device isn’t perfectly positioned. Channel Master CM-4228HD also supports FM and uncompressed HD signal and allows the addition of more powerful amplifiers, but more importantly, it allows for a quick installation that won’t take you more time than, for instance, a TV wall mount.

In general, this antenna offers so much and definitely presents one of the best outdoor TV antenna options out there, of course, if you are fine with its slightly higher price.


  • Easy to install
  • Ideal for rural areas

  • Expensive
  • Problematic VHF reception

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ClearStream 2V Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna

A Digital Antenna which Delivers Much More than You Could Have Expected

clearstream 2v indoor outdoor hdtv antenna
The best products are always the ones that are tested in realistic conditions and not only in laboratories, and ClearStream 2V HDTV Antenna is a prime example of that. Mostly due to this real-life approach, this antenna offers a great picture and sound quality under all weather conditions and presents one of the best digital TV antennas you can find on the market.

Although it is not among the cheapest, its performance will quickly convince you it is worth a few extra bucks, especially considering the numerous quality features, such as the all-weather mounting hardware or improved isolation which results in a low noise floor and minimal signal interference.

ClearStream 2V HDTV Antenna has a 60-mile reception and receives both UHF and VHF broadcasts that can be managed even on locations far from ideal thanks to its advanced multi-directional elements. Also, it comes with a Full HD support and is 4K-ready, which, along with its lifetime warranty on parts and great support, makes this antenna a one-of-a-kind product and an exceptional option for everyday use.


  • 4K-ready
  • Great reception

  • Variable UHF reception performance

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Mediasonic HOMEWORX HDTV Outdoor Antenna (HW-27UV)

A Decent-Performing Antenna for a Great Price

mediasonic homeworx hdtv outdoor antenna hw-27uv
If the price is the first thing you look at, when you are purchasing the product, you will probably also fancy the Mediasonic HOMEWORX HW-27UV. Compact in dimensions and with a classical design, this device offers decent performance and in general, an exceptional value for the money. It supports both full UHF and a VHF spectrum and a 1080p broadcast and allows for signal reception at up to 80 miles of distance.

Mediasonic HOMEWORX HW-27UV is easy to install and offers a crystal clear picture, partially due to the incorporation of the advanced signal reception technology. It is made out of durable materials, and it can withstand a lot of weather “punishment”, which is certainly a highly interesting fact for everyone looking for the best outdoor TV antenna.

All in all, if you need a good TV signal reception at more than a fair price, this antenna is made for you.


  • Affordable
  • Compact

  • Lack of mounting pole

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A Highly Durable Antenna with a Great Reception Capacity

antop at-414bc5
For everyone looking for the device that will successfully capture the signal from multiple broadcasting towers, spread around your area, ANTOP AT-414BC5 antenna comes as an ultimate option. Small and easy to install, but packed with numerous features, this device is one of the best omnidirectional outdoor TV antenna choices on the market.

This antenna is equipped with the LTE filter that prevents the 3G and 4G signal interference, has a decent 65 miles range and works with both VHF and UHF broadcast.

What is special about this product is that it supports the 4K definition and that can be used on two TVs, with the installment of the splitter already included in the package. ANTOP AT-414BC5 comes with a sleek design that incorporates numerous weather-protective features, such as waterproof exterior, UV protection, etc. and generally it presents a very durable device.

In other words, if you are searching for the device that will fulfill all your needs for the free TV reception, ANTOP AT-414BC5 is the best TV antenna for you.


  • Built-in LTE filter
  • Dual TV support

  • Poor performance under high summer temperatures

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Mohu Sky 60 TV Antenna MH-110585

An Advanced Multidirectional Antenna with a Crystal Clear Picture

mohu sky 60 tv antenna mh-110585
Incorporation of the military technology in civilian equipment has a long history, and Mohu Sky 60 MH-110585 is just continuing that tradition, which gave it a lot of advantages. These include its innovative design, and more importantly, its ability to provide a crystal-clear picture that is, without a doubt, a result of advanced US military technology involved.

Mohu Sky 60 MH-110585 is a multi-directional antenna, with a 60-mile radius and support for VHF and UHF broadcasts, including Full HD materials. This device is also a 4K-ready and comes with an integrated 15dB amplifier that just adds to this antenna overall value, but also may cause some trouble if your TV is equipped with an amplifier, which may result in drastic picture quality decrease.

This antenna comes in a compact size and offers a durable, lightweight design that allows easy installment in almost any place. Although it is nowhere near cheap, Mohu Sky 60 MH-110585 is still among the best amplified outdoor TV antennas, and it generally presents an ideal option for the reception of the free TV signal.


  • 4K ready
  • Crystal clear picture

  • Reception varies too much

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This guide was written with the intention to help you with your search for the ideal TV antenna. If it managed that, its purpose is fulfilled. If not, it would be great if it at least cleared some of your doubts and made the purchase easier and a little less stressful.

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