Best Wireless Keyboards To Buy in 2021

best wireless keyboards

Do you enjoy the freedom of portability when it comes to PC gaming or typing on the computer? Would you love to see fewer wires on your desk? A wireless keyboard might be the way to go! We will be looking at how to choose the best wireless keyboard based on your preferences and budget.

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Things to consider when Choosing the Best Wireless Keyboard

There are a few main points that you need to consider when looking at buying a wireless keyboard. What will you be using the keyboard for? Are you hoping to discover the best gaming keyboard to go with your ultimate setup? Are you seeking a wireless keyboard and mouse combo or just a wireless mouse to make your computing life much more convenient?

How would you like your wireless keyboard to connect to other devices? What kind of batteries will it need and how long will it last before needing a charge or replacement? Here are a few things to think about when choosing a suitable wireless keyboard worth your investment:

Using Your Wireless Keyboard

The keyboard you choose should be determined by the activities you intend to use the keyboard for.

If you’re a gamer with a higher budget, then you may want to look for the best wireless mechanical gaming keyboard that matches your gaming style. Alternatively, a membrane or scissor-switch keyboard may also be a good starting point.

Do you need to find the best wireless keyboard for your office or work computer at home? A Bluetooth keyboard may be more practical for you because they can usually pair themselves with a variety of devices, such as laptops, tablets and phones.

Are you a music or video enthusiast? A media center PC may require a radio frequency (RF) keyboard that uses a USB dongle, which generally has a better range than Bluetooth. You may also consider a wireless keyboard with an inbuilt touchpad for added convenience.

No matter what your peripheral needs may be, investing in the best wireless keyboard for your lifestyle is a great first step down the road of wireless technology.

Wireless Keyboard Connectivity

There are two common ways that wireless keyboards will connect to a device; RF and Bluetooth. Both are easily obtainable in today’s market and are not as expensive as they once were. For this reason, there are plenty of RF and Bluetooth wireless keyboard options to choose from.

A RF keyboard connects to your computer via a dongle which plugs into a USB port. It then “talks” to the keyboard using a 2.4GHz frequency to find out which keys you are pressing and then relays the action to your computer.

Bluetooth technology is very similar; however, the receiver that it uses is normally already built into your device. This means it won’t take up a USB port on your computer. Bluetooth is also widely used in devices such as tablets and mobile phones. For this reason, people may use Bluetooth wireless keyboards for work so they can control multiple devices at a time.

Wireless Keyboard Battery

The majority of wireless keyboards require batteries to keep them powered through extended periods of use. The typical types of batteries they use include alkaline batteries, AA, AAA or the newer technology of rechargeable Lithium-Ion (also commonly found in smartphones).

If you’re a PC gamer or someone who uses a computer on a regular basis, battery longevity is one of the most prominent components to consider when purchasing any piece of wireless technology.

Alkaline batteries tend to last longer than the lithium batteries; however, they may end up costing more for you in the long run as replacements are needed. If your device runs out of juice and you don’t have any spare, you may be out of luck until you can get more batteries – this would be a grievous situation for gamers!

Lithium-ion batteries, on the other hand, have the advantage of chargeability. This normally occurs through a USB port. While you’ll have to take up a USB port space to charge your device, this will only be temporary for as long as the keyboard needs to charge (this means you can have it charging during downtime while you’re away from your devices).

If you’re looking for a wireless gaming keyboard, lithium-ion is usually the way to go as they are generally more suitable for longer gaming sessions (if the charge starts to get low, you can quickly plug it in and keep your head in the game).

10 Best Wireless Keyboards

Logitech K780

The Best Full-sized Wireless Keyboard With Quiet Performance

logitech k780
Why Logitech K780? This wireless keyboard is a great combination of high functionality and affordable price. It’s a universal keyboard that will suit almost any device including computers, tablets and smartphones. What is more, it offers an easy switch between three devices. Logitech K780 can be either used as a regular type-on-everything keyboard or get combined with a FLOW mouse. Note that mouse is not included, so if you need such kind of combo you will need to buy it separately.

This wireless keyboard has an ergonomic design thanks to its full size, big keys and number pad. It’s not only convenient in use but also delivers quiet performance. Logitech K780 comes with an integrated phone and tablet stand, so you can keep your devices easily accessible.

High compatibility and adjustment level is another feature customers like Logitech K780 for. It supports such operating systems as Windows (8 and later), Mac OS X (10.10 and later), iOS (5 and later), Android (5.0 and later) and Chrome OS. This Logitech keyboard is also able to recognize all devices automatically and to map keys (hotkeys and shortcuts) in a familiar way. It’s long-lasting as its battery life reaches 2 years, i.e. approximately two million keystrokes a year.

  • reasonable price
  • convenient layout
  • full-sized
  • integrated phone and tablet stand
  • USB dongle for PCs without Bluetooth
  • excellent device switching
  • long battery life
  • quiet performance
  • high compatibility
  • no NUM lock and CAPS lock status indicators
  • symbols are stickers
  • built-in device cradle isn’t suitable for thick phone or tablet cases
  • heavy

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Logitech MX Keys

Perfection in Every Sense

logitech mx keys
Logitech MX Keys is a very well built, slim, and modern-looking product that delivers macOS everything that is expected from the best wireless keyboard. It provides a very pleasant typing experience, it offers great compatibility (it can work with macOS, Windows, Linux, Android, etc.), as well as plenty of customization options that can be managed through Logitech’s dedicated Options software that will allow you to remap media and function keys, screen capture and so on.

Also, if you want to use it with multiple devices, you will be glad to know that you can; however, you will have to pair it with MX Master 3 mouse and, with the help of the Logitech Flow feature, you will have the opportunity to simultaneously control up to three devices.

When talking about other qualities of the Logitech MX Keys, you should know that its battery offers great longevity and that it can hold up to 10 days when illumination is on, or even five months when it is off.

In other words, Logitech MX Keys wireless keyboard is simply an amazing product that will perfectly fit any office or home work, and what is more important, it won’t disappoint you in any way.

  • comfortable
  • durable
  • solid customization options
  • good battery life
  • pricey
  • a bit heavy

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Arteck HW192

Amazing Value for Money

arteck hw192
When it comes to freedom and convenience, the Arteck HW192 comes to mind, as it checks all the important boxes: it’s wireless, full size, well built, affordable, looks pretty cool, and, on top of that, it’s made (partially) from high-quality stainless steel, despite its low price. We know, it sounds too good to be true, but Arteck managed to pull this off and the end result is nothing short of impressive.

For less than 30 bucks, you’ll be able to upgrade your “internet surfing experience” so to speak, with a proper keyboard that features quiet keys, a roomy layout and a nice design. Even if we’re talking about a full-size keyboard, the Arteck HW192 only measures 16.9 x 4.9 x 0.6 inches and weighs a bit under one pound; yes, despite using stainless steel in its chassis, it’s as light as a unicorn feather, provided such thing exists.

All jokes aside, only the bottom half of the chassis is made of stainless steel, while the keys and the top half are made of plastic. However, the keyboard feels solid and built to last, which is kind of rare in this price bracket, especially when it comes to light and thin keyboards like this one. The HW192 is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which takes something like 5 hours to charge completely, and the company claims it will run for 6 months on a single charge, provided you only use it 2 hours (non-stop) per day. When it’s not in use, the keyboard will enter “hibernation mode”, but it will resume full function at a touch of a key.

  • solid build quality and ergonomically designed
  • easy to set up, connects via dongle
  • works with both Windows and Mac machines
  • excellent for touch typing
  • comfortable to use and to carry around while traveling
  • limited functionality on Mac computers

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Arteck HB030B

Another Great Affordable Wireless Keyboard

arteck hb030b
Arteck HB030B is an elegant wireless keyboard and one of the best options for those who are not planning to spend a bunch of cash. This keyboard comes in seven backlight colors and with two brightness levels. It also takes care of the wise power usage as there is an auto sleep feature.

One of the best characteristics this keyboard can be really proud of is its compatibility level. Arteck HB030B supports all popular operating systems including iOS, Android, Mac OS and Windows.

As well as some of the pre-cited models this wireless keyboard has a rechargeable battery which can last up to 6 months between charges. Its thin design makes it look stylish and compact. Besides, Arteck HB030B is light and as a result portable. Thus, it’s suitable for different trips.

Arteck HB030B is a comfortable keyboard with very quiet performance. It’s convenient in use as there are all the necessary media controls and Windows dedicated hot keys. Its top-notch design is also a durable one as there is high-quality anodized Zinc Alloy back shell and ABS plastic brushed finish front panel.

  • excellent compatibility
  • good-looking
  • slim and lightweight
  • affordable price
  • good typing feel
  • no number pad
  • doesn’t support Windows 8 mobile
  • pairs only with one device simultaneously

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Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

The Best Wireless Keyboard for Mac Users

apple magic keyboard with numeric keypad
One of the best wireless keyboards form Apple is its Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad. Its extended layout makes it extremely convenient in use. Such a keyboard will suit both office workers and enthusiastic gamers. It comes with document navigation controls for quick scrolling as well as full-size arrow keys for gaming. As to the additional numeric keypad, it’s a great tool for those whose work is connected with different finance operations and spreadsheets.

Its build quality won’t disappoint you too. Apple Magic Keyboard has a special scissor mechanism beneath keys which provides a solid level of stability and accurate typing. By the by, this keyboard includes a lightning cable to charge it form a USB on Mac. In order to save the power, there is a switch on/off button on its back. Apple Magic Keyboard supports all devices with Mac OS 10.12.4 and later as well as iOS 10.3 and later.

  • multifunctional
  • portable design
  • comes with lightning cable for charging
  • quick charge
  • excellent build quality
  • numeric keypad
  • expensive
  • no backlit

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Logitech K600 TV

The Best Wireless Keyboard for Smart TV

logitech k600 tv
As its name suggests, the Logitech K600 TV is built and designed to make your smart TV experience great again, and since we’re talking about the granddaddy of PC peripherals, it comes as no surprise that the K600 is pretty awesome. Besides being couch-friendly, the K600 TV is also affordable, being specifically engineered to please smart TV enthusiasts, and truth be told, it’s able to make the already thin line between PCs and smart TVs blurrier than ever.

Since today’s smart TVs are basically mini-computers hooked on a big-real-estate screen, and just as functional as a regular PC in some aspects, the Logitech K600 TV keyboard will make your smart TV the center of your “digital/online life” if one so inclined. Measuring 14.4 x 4.6 x 0.8 inches, this baby is not as large as a regular full size keyboard, but it’s perfect for typing nevertheless, and it’s fully compatible with Samsung SUHD/UHD (Tizen 2016 or newer), LG OLED/SUHD/UHD (webOS 2016 or newer), Sony Bravia UHD (Android TV 2016 or newer).

Logitech chose to use a directional pad (remote control style) instead of a numpad that comes pretty handy with your smart TV, even if it lacks the precision of a regular mouse. On top of that, you’ll find additional buttons on the left side of the keyboard, plus some extra function ones in the center, for easy navigation, and once you set up the keyboard nice and proper, you’ll be able to fully control your smart TV sans a remote. Finally, we must mention that the K600 TV supports Bluetooth pairing, which means you can use it on multiple devices simultaneously.

  • the ideal tool for smart TV addicts (should come standard with any TV, it’s that good)
  • works great with Android
  • pretty unique in its niche
  • well designed
  • can successfully replace your remote control
  • initial setup can be complicated if you’re not tech-savvy
  • wireless signal is kind of weak
  • cramped buttons
  • some apps are not well optimized for trackpads

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Logitech K400 Plus

Great Wireless Keyboard With Touchpad

logitech k400 plus
Here’s another great wireless keyboard with slim and compact design. Logitech K400 Plus is convenient in use as it comes with a user-friendly layout and comfortable keys. This keyboard has both easy-access volume controls and arrow keys. By the by, its keys deliver very quiet performance. There is also a large 3-inch touchpad what makes it a perfect HTPC keyboard. It is a great option for a TV-connected computer as well.

Logitech K400 Plus provides wireless performance within 33ft, so you may use it in the largest rooms of your home or big conference halls. But keep in mind that its wireless range may be different as it depends on the computer setup and the environment the keyboard is placed in.

Though this wireless keyboard doesn’t come with a recharging battery, its battery life is long enough to get used to a quiet but efficient work of this item. Logitech K400 Plus provides 18 months of wireless performance. Its compatibility level is another virtue it can be proud of. This keyboard supports such operating systems as Windows (7/8/10 and later), Android (5.0 and later) and Chrome OS.

  • slim and light design
  • cheap
  • quiet performance
  • comfortable key layout
  • long battery life
  • you can customize the key functions as well as trackpad gestures
  • no backlit keys
  • no number pad

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CORSAIR K57 RGB Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Gamer’s Choice

corsair k57 rgb wireless gaming keyboard
Next in line, we have an RGB wireless gaming keyboard from Corsair, a colorful and expensive one this time, which looks very pretty and comes with a lot of interesting features. To begin with, the K57 is enormous, measuring 19.0 x 9.0 inches with the removable wrist rest and 19.0 x 6.5 inches without, so before anything happens, just go and measure your desk before spending your money on this total unit.

Size aside, this is a “point and shoot” keyboard, i.e. everything’s straightforward and plain, including the glossy plastic chassis and the extra buttons (6 in an extra-row of keys, extra macro/brightness/adjustment/locking the keys plus 7 media buttons). What’s not so great is the fact that the K57 RGB Wireless uses membranes for the keyboard instead of mechanical switches, which was to be expected from such an expensive item.

Basically, it’s hard to justify the price tag for a wireless membrane keyboard, even if it reads Corsair and RGB on the box. On the good side of the news, the always cool Corsair Utility Engine (iCUE) software is here, and it allows you to create profiles for specific games, to reassign keys, program macros and even to adjust the awesome RGB lighting. The in-game performance is rather good for a premium wireless gaming keyboard, and bottom line, the CORSAIR K57 RGB is a nice thing to have if you can live with the price tag and you’re not using it for writing (no, this is not a Cherry MX unfortunately).

  • iCUE software is a joy to use
  • lag-free wireless performance indistinguishable from wired keyboards
  • powerful macro recording with dedicated keys
  • impressive battery life, Vivid RGB
  • comes with detachable palm rest, Bluetooth or 2.4GHz connectivity
  • kind of plasticky
  • this is not a mech, i.e. it’s hard to justify the price
  • too big for lap use

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Logitech G915 Wireless

Low Profile Masterpiece

logitech g915
Speaking of masterpieces, the Logitech G915 is the nec plus ultra of mechanical wireless keyboards; yes, if you take a look at the price tag, which is ample, it becomes obvious that what we’re dealing with here is arguably one of the best wireless mechanical keyboards money can buy. And even if there’s a lot of money we’re talking about, it’s hard to imagine a better tool than the G915, that provided you’re a gamer.

This top of the line Logitech gizmo makes zero compromises, featuring state of the art mechanical switches, a gorgeous design and perfect craftsmanship. Everything is at superlative with this keyboard, but the “Cherry MX” (just kidding) on top is Logitech’s use of low profile high-quality mechanical switches; if you decide to go for the G915, you can choose between GL Linear, GL Tactile and GL Clicky switches, which are basically Romer Gs but smaller and more stylish.

Software-wise, the G915 is powered by Logitech’s G Hub software, which allows you to program the RGB lighting, from reactive rainbows to per-key-colors, to set up individual profiles for specific games and to record macros (there are 5 macro keys and 3 macro profiles available); on top of that, you get both Bluetooth and dongle connectivity, while the battery is strong enough to run this beast for up to 12 days of intensive gaming, i.e. 8 hours of binge gaming per day, or 135 days with the RGB thing turned off.

Finally, we must mention that the G915 weighs a little bit over 1 kilo, i.e. it’s rock-solid, and stays rigid with zero flex in any circumstance due to a steel bar that runs under its top plate.

  • this wireless mechanical gaming keyboard nails every feature perfectly
  • looks and feels “discrete premium” (the top is made from brushed aluminum-magnesium)
  • well-designed software bundle
  • the key switches are amazing for both gaming and typing
  • impressive battery life
  • kind of expensive
  • over-engineered to the point of ridiculousness

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Logitech Ergo K860

A Comfortable, High-Quality Wireless Keyboard

logitech ergo k860
Logitech Ergo K860 is a highly comfortable ergonomic keyboard that comes with a split KeyFrame, curved design, and pillowed wrist rest, and these three together offer much-needed wrist and hands strain reduction, allowing for extremely pleasant use. Although it doesn’t offer anything spectacular and doesn’t bring any special features, its low power consumption and ability to use the same package of batteries for months, along with its great comfort, are the characteristics that make this keyboard more than worth buying and definitely one of the best wireless keyboards available on the market.

Simply, this device offers everything that mainstream users might need. There is an ability to customize its Fn keys, compatibility with Options and Flow software, as well as the ability to be used simultaneously with up to three different devices. Also, Logitech Ergo K860 is a well-crafted keyboard, with Bluetooth connectivity and overall, a very attractive design.

In other words, this keyboard definitely offers a very good package. On top of that, it does come with some rather unique features such as the aforementioned curved design and front feet that provide negative tilt and an altogether advanced level of comfort.

Therefore, if ergonomics, low power consumption, and comfort are your major goals when selecting a keyboard, Logitech Ergo K860 should certainly be your number one choice.

  • ergonomic
  • comfortable
  • very good battery life
  • it can simultaneously connect with up to three different devices
  • no backlighting
  • a bit pricey

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There’s plenty of reasons to go wireless. Maybe you’re tired of the annoying cords all over your desk or you’d like your devices to be more portable and versatile. Whether you need wireless keyboard for gaming, mini wireless keyboard or budget wireless keyboard that will get the job done, there’s a keyboard out there for everyone.

Investing in wireless keyboard that matches your lifestyle is a great way to save space and time while enhancing your computer productivity. Ultimately, finding the best wireless keyboard means having more freedom to use your keyboard where and how you want.

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