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Why You May Want to Use Multiple Mice and Keyboards?

multiple mice and keyboards

Almost every system in the world has a mouse and keyboard attached to it. Although it’s common to get one of both, there are times when you’ll like to link two keyboards or two mice to one PC.

Some PC users prefer to use a separate wireless mouse to handle a multimedia PC. Others may be like to keep one arm on an additional keyboard for fast access to commands.

Whichever your reason, this post will explain to you the benefits of utilizing several mouses and keyboards, as well as how to install them.

How to Install Multiple Mice and Keyboards?

Having multiple mice and keyboards is a configuration with several fascinating applications. After attaching numerous peripherals to your PC, there are multiple ways you can use to set them up.

The Basic Way: Connect Both Keyboards or Mice Directly

Simply connect your additional mouse or keyboard through Bluetooth or put it into a USB port. When Windows has finished installing the appropriate drivers, you may type with either keyboard and control the cursor with both mice.

To view anything you presently have connected:

  • Step 1: Go to Settings
  • Step 2: Click on Devices
    windows devices
  • Step 3: Click on Bluetooth & other devices.
    windows bluetooth and other devices

You may fine-tune how your mouse functions underneath the Mouse, keyboard & pen option. However, these choices will apply to all linked mice. Based on how varied your mice are, one may feel too sensitive or underly sensitive, so make adjustments accordingly.

Unifying Receiver

A unifying receiver is included with modern Logitech mice and keyboards. This little dongle connects up to six Logitech gadgets to your PC through a USB connection. As a result, if you wish to utilize numerous Logitech keyboards or mice, you may save a few USB ports.

Work Simultaneously on Multiple Monitors

Suppose you have numerous displays and separate apps operating over each. In that case, you may set two (or even more) keyboard/mouse pairs to simply transition between the display and task.

Many software can assist Windows in distinguishing between several mice and keyboards, permitting you to utilize several cursors and enter information at the same time.

Pluralinput is one such piece of open-source that performs a good job at multitasking. Because it is in beta, you may encounter some issues. These are the steps involved to set it up:

  • Install and run Pluralinput, then select “Set up a new device option” from the left menu.
  • A list of all linked keyboards and mice will be shown. Simply tick the box next to each mouse or keyboard you wish to be used as Pluralinput and then click the “Apply changes to devices” button.
  • The application will install new drivers and display a new configurable cursor (orange by default). This cursor, however, will have limited control. It can only be used within apps like Word, Notepad, browsers, and others.

If Pluralinput isn’t for you, TeamPlayer is a far more robust alternative. It also includes an old free version that is remarkably enough for essential use.

Now, what are the benefits of having multiple mice and keyboards? Read on to find out!

Benefits of Multiple Mice and Keyboards

There are two major advantages of using multiple mice and keyboards. Let’s take a look!

Control Your PC from Different Locations

Two keyboards/mice would be useful if you want to operate your PC from different locations.

But, for this to function, you must have a wireless keyboard/mouse or a keyboard/mouse with an extremely long cord.

Even when a cable keyboard/mouse is attached, the wireless mouse or keyboard will effortlessly link to your computer. After that, you can control your PC from anywhere in the house. If your PC is streaming to a wireless display, having another keyboard and mouse that can connect to your PC wirelessly will be a huge help.

Use Multiple Keyboards for Multi-Key Functions

A membrane keyboard (which we usually use) enables four keypresses together or simultaneously. In most circumstances, this is adequate. Nevertheless, if you are playing a multiplayer game (a split-screen game where both players are using the same keyboard), one keyboard will not suffice.

Luckily, if each person connects a keyboard, the PC will receive up to 4 key pushes from each participant. As a result, you’ll be capable of playing any game without stuttering or button collisions. You will not have an issue playing Tekken or Fifa with your friends while using multiple keyboards.

But, do remember that the computer cannot tell which keyboard is sending the information. To avoid this, just assign distinct command keys to each participant within the game.

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