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How to Boost Wi-Fi Speed

how to boost wi-fi speed

You’ve heard all the variations on the ties that bind us; cheesy quotes from films, novels, and songs all attest to it being either love, or the place we’re born, or some other third thing like a soft drink. What really connects us all, however, is the Internet – and when our Internet is fast, all is well.

Knowing how to boost Wi-Fi speed is something perhaps everyone is interested in. Nobody wants their fast-paced television show to start buffering right when the action gets going, or for messages to delay in sending in a conversation where the tone matters.

Luckily, there are very easy ways to boost Wi-Fi speed, ranging from the know-how of how to optimize your Wi-Fi network to simple things you could do right now to feel the difference.

Boost Wi-Fi Speed With The Touch of a Button

We’re not trying to suck you in with clickbait, but it really might be that easy to make a difference.

The secret lies in your router. You don’t have to open it up with a screwdriver or anything like that, since, luckily, the key is in the router’s firmware (the software that runs it). Software updates are routinely released, and upgrading your router allows it to be as efficient as possible, whereas failing to upgrade might mean that it might even be actively slower than before since it’s meant to be operating at a much more efficient level.

It might not be as simple as hitting a single button sometimes, since you’d have to go to the manufacturer’s website and download the updated firmware file and upload it to the admin panel, but it’s still fairly simple and uncomplicated. Mostly, however, the update process is built-in in the administration interface.

This is something that should be checked for routinely, even if you think your Wi-Fi is working “fine”. Updating it means more tightened security, newer features, and enhanced performance.

You can even get a “custom” firmware from a third-party source, such as the DD-WRT, which brings with it a host of more advanced features, such as the ability to add a VPN.

Boost Wi-Fi Speed by Moving Your Router

Again, no clickbait; where your router is placed has a huge effect on how your Wi-Fi speed is. The more centrally that you place it compared to all the rooms and all the spots where you sit and use the Internet, the better it’ll be spread out. If it’s, say, in a distant room, then the signal gets weaker the farther it travels to get to you, especially if doors and walls are obstructing it.

There’s also the problem of interfering with other electrical signals. Other devices such as those with Bluetooth or, say, baby monitors, can interfere with the signal, weakening its strength. Apps such as NETGEAR WiFi Analytics can help you recognize these factors, and tools such as Heatmapper similarly work wonders.

If your Wi-Fi seems very adversely affected by these factors, check to see the Wi-Fi frequency; prefer a dual-band frequency router.

Boost Wi-Fi Speed by Copy-Pasting it

Alright, this one is a bit of a gimmicky title, but the suggestion is still solid.

There’s a whole discussion on Mesh Wi-Fi VS routers, but the crux of it is that Wi-Fi booster (or repeated or extender or access point devices) allow your signal to be received by these devices and recast, meaning that your router can effectively transmit “the Internet” over a much wider physical space.

If you have been wondering how to boost Wi-Fi speed without spending a lot. These are all range extenders, and although you have to decide between a mesh network or a simple Wi-Fi extender depending on your needs, you can’t go wrong by going with one of these two.

Mesh networks are much more effective than simple extenders, but accordingly more expensive and more time-intensive to set up. These also completely your router, so if you’re due for an upgrade, you could see if it’s time to ditch the router altogether and make the jump to a mesh network.


Knowing where the problem lies and what you specifically want in terms of speed is the first thing to map out when it comes to knowing how to boost Wi-Fi speed. Following that, it should be both relatively easy and fairly rewarding to put in the work.

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