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Maxnomic vs DXRacer: Who’s the Winner?

maxnomic vs dxracer

If you are wondering why do you need a gaming chair in the first place, the answer is simple. Gaming chairs are designed to offer much better lumbar support, wider angle of recline and much more padding than the regular office chairs, which generally makes your sitting in front of a computer a much more pleasant experience.

If you suffer from back pain after a few hours of work in front of the monitor, one of the key reasons for that is a bad chair. This is why gamers are opting for these professional products more and more – because they are giving them comfort and, more importantly, saving their health.

Maxnomic vs DXRacer

When talking about gaming chairs themselves, there are various brands that offer products of different quality, but two brands stand out from the bunch, and they are Maxnomic and DXRacer. Maxnomic is a newcomer on the market, but it has already been picked by some big names of the industry, while the DXRacer is already a well-established brand with their loyal fans. DXRacer is also a favorite of the majority of gamers and streamers. Both brands have their aces up their sleeves and the rest of the text will show you which one of these two is a better buy.


Maxnomic gaming chairs are produced by the NeedForSeat Company that started producing them in 2012 and had already had a whole bunch of related products, therefore gaming chairs were a nice addition to their portfolio. In the case of Maxnomic, there is a chair for everyone, and they are divided into four regular series depending on the use:

  • Casual Sport
  • Office-Comfort
  • Pro Gaming and Office
  • XL series

… and two additional ones named:

  • Special Edition
  • OSU edition

Their chairs in general are good products that offer premium features for an affordable price. The key advantages of the Maxnomic chairs are:

  • Very comfortable cushion
  • Modifiable armrests (can be modified in four dimensions)
  • Strong leather upholstery
  • Premium feeling when you are in the seat
  • Highly comfortable pillows (the best you can find)
  • Easy to choose (series are organized in a way to allow for an easy finding of the perfect fit)
  • There is a chair for everyone depending upon their size and height
  • Elastic bands for backrest support
  • Highly comfortable pillows (the best you can find)

While their minor cons are presented through the following:

  • Armrests are made of plastic
  • Feel of steel after a long sitting
  • They are hard to assemble


As previously mentioned, DXRacer is the most recognized gaming chair brand on the market and has been present for quite some time. They offer a wide variety of products, such are gaming chairs, desks, backpacks, etc. Gaming chair program itself offers six different series:

  • Formula
  • Racing
  • Valkyrie
  • King
  • Sentinel
  • Tank

…that are designed for specific groups of customers according to how tall they are, what their budget is , etc.

Additionally, just like in the case of Maxnomic, there is also an additional series:

  • Special Edition

DXRacer makes highly durable and ergonomically comfortable chairs and has been at the peak of the gaming chair industry for a long time. Therefore, it is no surprise that it is chosen and adored by many. The main reason for that is the quality of their chairs that offer:

  • Professional appearance
  • Base made out of nylon and aluminum
  • High-density foam
  • Comfy mesh
  • Back adjuster
  • Non-air pump mechanism
  • Armrests adjustable in four dimensions
  • Elastic band backrest
  • Metal frame headrest
  • 3” PU wheels

Of course, there are few drawbacks, too:

  • DXRacer offers a variety of products, but the differences between them are really small
  • Their chairs require for a lot of space

Maxnomic vs DXRacer, which one is better?

Now that both of the brands have been presented with their key advantages and disadvantages, it is time to compare them and to see which chair in this Maxnomic vs. DXRacer “clash” has more to offer in direct comparison.


Both Maxnomic and DXRacer offer a top-of-the-charts ergonomic design, with an excellent lumbar and neck support, delivering full comfort to every user. They have a chair for everyone, no matter what the customer’s size, height or personal preferences are. A wide variety of ergonomic chairs in their production lines guarantees for that.

However, although their chairs are top of the line products, there is still a minor difference between them. Maxnomic chairs offer adjustable lumbar support, which is not the case with DXRacer. Because of that, a slight advantage in this category goes to Maxnomic.


If you thought that premium gaming chairs offer only the comfort, you were wrong. Yes, that is one of the most important goals, but there are also accessories, that actually make the biggest difference between the competition, in this case, Maxnomic vs DXRacer.

Both of the brands offer sewing of your name on the headrest of the chair, for a more personalized feeling, but accessories themselves are a completely different story and are focusing on different aspects of your gaming experience.

In the case of Maxnomic, their key feature is a SeatQuake system that attaches to the chair and offers the more realistic experience of the game. Allowing for your body to rock in accordance with your game, letting you feel all the vibrations and overall have a feeling that you are physically in the game.

Their other accessories are limited to additional cushioning, which is not the case with DXRacer. This one maybe doesn’t offer such an impressive feature as the SeatQuake, but it does include a wide variety of mouse pads, footrests and similar parts that can be added to the chair and make your life much easier. Therefore, it is probably a better option if talking strictly about the accessories.


Although both brands have a wide selection of chairs, there is a feeling that DXRacer offers a bit more. First of all, they have six regular series compared to Maxnomic’s four, plus their offer of chairs basically covers all the sizes and heights of the users, allowing for them to find a perfect match, which is not the case with Maxnomic.

DXRacer simply offers more models, more color options, and overall, it has a wider variety of products to choose from.


When it comes to the price, things are pretty straightforward. Although between the high-end models there is not that much of a price difference, in the case of the cheaper options, the difference starts to show. In this area, DXRacer chairs can be found for around $100 dollars cheaper than their Maxnomic counterparts. This is more than a good argument for DXRacer to win in this category.


Overall, considering the presented categories and the general qualities of the products, it is obvious that DXRacer is a better choice. On the other hand, fact is that both brands in this Maxnomic vs. DXRacer “competition” are pretty close and no matter which chair you purchase, you won’t be unhappy. In other words, this time DXRacer won by a slight margin, but next time things could easily slide to the Maxnomic corner.

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