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How to Export Chrome Bookmarks

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Bookmarks in general are a great thing, because they allow you to have quick access to your favorite sites and pages in one place. More importantly, they save you time and help you access your cherished web locations in a matter of seconds. That means you don’t need to remember or write down every interesting web address that you need or stumble upon during your internet browsing sessions.

In other words, bookmarks are a highly useful feature that makes your life much easier.

However, there are situations when bookmarks need to be moved to another browser or somebody else’s account. In such a situation, one of your options is exporting bookmarks and in the case of Google Chrome, this process consists of the following:

How to Export Chrome Bookmarks

  1. First, you need to enter “Google Chrome Menu”

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    and in the drop-down menu select “Bookmarks”.

  2. how to export chrome bookmarks 2

  3. and in a newly opened window go to “Options”, and click on them.

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  4. and when the new “Save As” window appears, choose where you want to save your exported bookmarks, click on “Save” and that is it.

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    Your bookmarks are now exported and ready for use.

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