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How to Delete Bookmarks on Chrome

how to delete bookmarks on chrome 5

People, in general, have a tendency to save interesting web locations they stumble upon during their web searches and most of you use bookmarks for that purpose. As a result, many of us have thousands and thousands of bookmarks, many of which never see the light of day again, so to speak.

In other words, you end up with a lot of “junk” in your browser that will make it much harder when you need to find something that is really important.

For that reason, deleting your bookmarks occasionally is a good idea that will make your navigation through bookmarks, as well as overall Chrome usability, much better.

How to Delete Bookmarks on Chrome

Deleting your unwanted bookmarks is a simple task and can be managed in several ways.

  1. The most common one is to enter “Customize and control Google Chrome”.
  2. how to delete bookmarks on chrome 1

  3. Select “Bookmarks”

    how to delete bookmarks on chrome 2

    and go to “Bookmark manager”.

  4. how to delete bookmarks on chrome 3

  5. Now, every bookmark you have saved is in front of you. Right-click above the bookmark you want to remove, choose “Delete” and that is it.
  6. how to delete bookmarks on chrome 4

  7. If you want to delete some of the bookmarks from the folder, double-click on the folders name, or find them on the left side of the “Bookmark manager” and enter them with a double-click as well, or if there are multiple folders inside, expand it and find what you no longer need, delete it and your job is finished.
  8. how to delete bookmarks on chrome 5

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