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How to Rotate Screen on Windows 10

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Computers are one hell of an invention; nevertheless, there are moments when they have nature of their own and do a number of silly things that are not that easy to explain, but do exist and can make a lot of trouble. One such case is when your Windows 10 screen is rotated and you need to tilt your head, in order to see what is displayed on it.

Although this isn’t the most common issue you can face, the fact is that this situation might happen to you and give you a lot of frustrations. Therefore, if you are among the unlucky ones that do face this sort of problem, or want to rotate your screen because that suits you more, this is how you can handle it.

How to Rotate Screen on Windows 10

The easiest and the most common way you can rotate your Windows 10 screen is through “Display Settings”.

  1. In this process, you first need to right-click on the Desktop and enter “Display settings”:
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  3. After that, choose the screen (if you have only one display, skip this step), and in the “Display orientation” menu, select “Landscape” and press “Apply”.
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  5. When the new window, with the question “Keep these display settings?” appears, choose “Keep changes” and that is pretty much it.

    how to rotate screen on windows 10 3

    You have successfully rotated your screen.

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